VinTube Vinyl Pool Mat Shower Bathroom Locker

My wife looks toward a vinyl bathroom mat. In ending the year, she orders VinTube Vinyl Pool Mat Shower Bathroom Locker – for our bathroom floor. It keeps floor lock, safe from the wet condition. Our kids safely land on bathroom and enjoy their bath time. Vinyl material made which especially recommend at the vinyl constructed floor. More to say, our bathroom floor design by the plastic rubber mat, where it perfectly set. Think about different places use the Vinyl Pool Mat? Yes, the options avail – use it at the locker room, saunas, pools, deck, spas, and many more areas. It reduces sleep down chances from the wet circumstance. Also, you can roll up it when you need to clean it or under the surface. To clean the matted debris and dirt’s, lift the mat and clean out them. To make deeper clean, hose-up with vinyl cleaner water. After cleaned, little rinse it and give it on the field or on the roof to move out the wet. The wonder tool comes in a reasonable price range – that match our budget. To get more interesting info – keep eyes in later review part:

Product Description:

  • Manufacturer By: MattingExperts
  • Brand Name: VinTube Vinyl Pool Mat Shower Bathroom Locker
  • Dimension: 25*5.5*5 Inches
  • Size: From 3”*2” to 4”*12.”
  • Color: Blue and Gray
  • Material: Vinyl 
  • Package Quantity: 1
  • Average Customer Review Rating: 4.4 out of 5.0
VinTube Vinyl Pool Mat Shower Locker

VinTube Vinyl Pool Mat Features Looks at Glance:

VinTube offer custom floor mats is an open grid construction runner made. It allows water drainage or debris to trap below surface level while reducing foot, leg and back fatigue. It finds out useful to use it home or business, interior as well as exterior areas. The mat comes in 4 feet wide and 33 feet long rolls. To make your suitable size, it can be cut down to any size you would like. Open the tube to make design pool vinyl mat in ideal shape for all pool mat areas. It fits surface on wet or dry such as pools, decks, shower or locker rooms, saunas, and SPAs. Can be used in low to high bare feet traffic areas. May not be suitable for more top traffic areas where shoes worn as they would be subject for much more abuse and would wear too quickly. Therefore entryways that may see more than 100 visitors per day should use a different type of matting.

  • Thickness (height) - 1/2" Two levels of thicker by quarter hollow vinyl tubing makes it pleasant to stand on the runner that will drain away from the fluids — Vintec brand.
  • The floor mats made of PVC material for a healthier and safer environment. Likes oil, mold and UV resistant (oil would make it slippery). Vinyl duck board drains liquids away.
  • The roll-up feature made a mat for easy cleaning and storage. The product weight has 0.8 per square foot so larger rolls will get heavy.
  • Use VinTube locker rug for sports, leisure, indoors or outdoors purpose. It brings variety in wet areas such as around the pools, deck, interlocking floor mats, shower floor mats, gym mats, saunas, SPAs and entrances
  • Cleaning is easy - lift the mat and shake off any dirt and debris that has collected, also clean underneath it. Hose-off if needed or for a more in-depth fresh use a safe vinyl cleaner, after cleaning it don't forget to rinse the meat thoroughly before putting it back to use. VinTube mat is roll-able, so it is easy to remove and store it without taking up too much space.
VinTube Vinyl Pool Mat Shower Bathroom Locker Sauna

Good Sides: 

  • Outstanding mat, slip-proof design works fine after long years of use.
  • Easy to roll up
  • Cut inappropriate size for anywhere at the room like kitchen and bathroom too!
  • The mat offers easy to insert and remove cleaning and applications feature
  • Reliable tool for floor design and safety.


It gets a little slippery during it wet by water.

Doesn’t fit at the playground and kids bedroom, legs can be stuck.


Question: Is this a non-toxic mat? Is it has any certification?
Answer: I did not see certification for non-toxicity.

Question: Is the mat 4 feet longer and 2 feet wider?
Answer: There were a bunch of different size options, I got one that was 6 ft and another that was 8ft, it's lovely.

Question: How rigid is the mat? Is it comfortable to stand?
Answer: The mat is perfect for more extensive, odd-size shower stalls! It is mushy to stand on and works well. We are quite happy with the purchase!

Question: Will it stay durable in direct sunlight outside around? Does it suitable in the hot tub?
Answer: Yes, it's suitable and made of good quality.

In Summery to say, VinTube Vinyl Pool Mat Shower Bathroom Locker, a lovely mat for today's generation home decoration. People lead a healthy and smart way, so VinTube pool mat perfect for them. Kids, adult, old age people enjoy walking around the pool mat which suitable at home floor designing. A cheap budget keeps your floor neat clean as well as safe – so order today and lead a refreshing life.

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mike - a couple of months ago

Can you advise if you are in Perth WA or where.
I am after web matting such as VinTube Vinyl Pool Mat for bathroom floors. can you call me on 0423 683 937 or provide a contact number to discuss

cheers mike

    Tilecarely - 7 days ago

    Amazon USA – where you get the best-suggested web mat. Thanks.


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