Valuebox 360° Spin Mop with Stainless Steel Bucket

First let me start with the fact that it seems durable. As soon as i got my package i whipped it out and gave it a try after mopping with my normal mop. Let me tell you it cleaned my floors so good! I mention Valuebox as best mop for money because it picked up so much grim left behind! The fact that i don't have to get all grimmy just to get a good clean is great. It spins so easily with just a push down technique. The duel spinners are great, one to clean the mop and one to dry it out. Im a full time mom with a full time job so the fact that this cuts down my mopping time to about 10 mins is great! I love the magic spinning mop and the detachable heads! I've recommended Valuebox 360° Spin Mop with Stainless Steel Bucket to all my family and it looks like we all have the same mop! I Love IT.

Easy To Clean and Use: Valuebox spin mop with bucket has a spinner section with a bucket for wringing it out. Flipping the mop handle to "on" as this will allow you to use handle driven spin features of this mop .Put magic mop on top of the bucket agitator keeping the handle straight and pushing the handle down to activate spinning the mop head.It will wring the mop out fast and easy

Valuebox 360° Spin Mop with Bucket

Durable and Flexible Mop: Designed with 360 degree rotation so that mop head can easily maneuver and fit under furniture and into corners. The lock allows you to extend up to clean window. The most important thing is that you could angle the mop head easily by placing your foot on the mop head and tip the handle up or down to the desired angle

The Valuebox is best spin mop bucket that comes with wringer is Stainless steel feature. Spin mop bucket system includes 2 microfiber spin mop replacement heads. Magic Spinning mop refills heads are durable and machine washable, better value than cotton mops. Microfiber spin mop effectively gathers and holds dust, grit, and grime. Perfect for home, kitchen, bathroom, office, corner cleaning.

Extended Handle: The 360° Rotating mop now includes an extendable 33-49 inch long handle. No additional accessories are needed!

Best Cleaner for Home and Kitchen Service: No spills, no shock, and no damage to floors; Microfiber mop heads work great wet or dry keeping hands free of dirt and debris.It is a idea present for Christmas

Stainless Steel Performance Review: This works as designed. The rounded mop head can get into corners. The spinning action wrings out 100% of the water. Since the entire thing is made from stainless steel and plastic, you don't have to worry about anything rusting. And because it is all contained within the bucket (no outside pedal or drain plug), you don't have to worry about anything ever leaking.

Best Spin Mop Ever: A great mop for bucket. SOOO much better than the foot pump model. Only draw back is you cannot leave standing water in it....It junks up the spin part mechanism ..dump it out after use and turn it upside down. then it will last forever.
great on hard wood floors because you can nearly dry mop them or remove all the water.

Valuebox 360° Spin Mop

Recommend To You: I love the spin feature. After cleaning the floors. Its easy to clean the mop head with fresh soapy water. Its a breeze and makes my cleaning fun and FAST! Great value for the price!!! Very sturdy and light weight easy to use... what else I can ask for more! I've only used this mop for 3 times so far and I love this one every single time compares to other mops that I used previously... Highly recommend !

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