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Tic Tac Tiles Premium Stick Wall Tiles

I was hesitant when I first got these - they looked a little cheap. But Tic Tac Anti Mold tiles look great once installed! I ran it along two sidewalls of a kitchenette. One wall was short and led up to an outside corner. I would always have people complimenting me on the tile, then they notice at the edge where it is visible only a few millimeters thick. They are always amazed that Tic Tac Tiles Premium Stick Wall Tiles is peel-and-stick! The area covered ended up being one sheet shy of one box. So I just ordered two more  Tic Tac tiles premium anti mold peel and stick wall tile backsplash in Comodo finish my project. Was looking forward to Tic Tac Tiles Premium Stick Wall Tiles result and I am in love with kitchen backsplash peel and stick that how adding a cheap backslash and peel and stick counter top covers has changed the whole feeling of my plain white nothing kitchen.

I think they are pretty fake tiles. The peel and stick are smooth but very sticky. Tic Tac Tiles Premium Anti Mold Stick Wall Tiles will stick firmly with anything it comes into contact tips. Cheap and easy upgrade to my kitchen. As long as they last a while, I’ll be super stoked. I am pleasantly surprised at the quality and appearance. Exceptionally easy to install. The adhesive is strong and even after having to peel off wall and reapply a few times the tiles are sticking to the wall high. I’ve had them on for almost two weeks, and I'm thrilled with them.
Would repurchase.

Features Looks at Glance:

High Quality: Realistic tile effect with 3D texture (5 Sheets of 10" x 10" Made in Korea)

DIY Installation: peel and stick! No glue, no grout, no mess! Perfect for a DIY project

Strong Durability: No discoloration, no peeling after installation. Resistant to heat, water, and humidity

Tic Tac Tiles Premium Adhesive Stick Wall Tiles

Eco-Friendly: Anti-bacterial and anti-mold material that does not emit dioxins

Easy installation: The peel and stick feature allows for easy installation and saves you time and money.

Easy to clean and maintain: It is easy to maintain, stains can easily remove with a cleaning product using a sponge.

Safe non-toxic PET-based: Built in best Anti-fungal, antibacterial, heavy-metal free, and formaldehyde-free.

Active resistance: The smart tiles peel and stick has based on strong resistance to moisture and heat. The curing period is 24 hrs after installation.

High-quality adhesive: Tic Tac Tiles offer High-quality adhesive sticks smooth on your walls.

Surface: Please note that rough surfaces such as the brick wall, stone wall, gypsum wall, stucco wall, plywood wall, orange peel wall, or oily wall are not suitable to install.

Features Highlights: 

Sign of Peeling:
These were super-easy to apply and look GREAT. A very economical option to add some pop to a room. I put them behind my bathroom sink, and I love the flair they have given the office with very little money, skill or time. They've been up for about three months now in a very humid room, and show no signs of peeling or molding. My one criticism is that it's hard to figure out what pattern/color to buy. The company offers samples of the product, but when you get them, they not marked in any way, so you don't know what pattern is what. I was trying to decide between two similar colors and had to guess which was the one I liked by comparing the sample to the screenshot.

Great Looks:  Easy to work with and looks great! The seams are not noticeable unless you're looking for them. I wanted to make my old countertop look new without replacing anything, so I installed the tiles on the top edging. After two weeks, there are no signs of peeling.

Quality: I bought the best stick tiles for my kitchen and omg it makes such a big difference. Honestly, we have gotten so many compliments, and its gorgeous makes the kitchen look so shiny and glamorous without spending much. Very easy to use and it sticks on that even if water hits it there is no damage. Just make sure you get the right amount for your wall and take measurements before you order.

Recommendation: I used these for my kitchen, in my trailer. The Tic Tac Stick Self Adhesive is best and makes mu decore wonderful. I am going to do one more row, on top. They look much better when they are up than when you look at them in the package. Friends love them! Did Tic Tac Tiles Premium Stick Wall Tiles in one day! I highly recommend it.

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  • 2:【Size And Quantity】Tile decals 6x6 in (15X15cm), a set of 16 pieces,A 6in X 6in tile covers 125% more area than A 4inX4in tile does.
  • 3:【Material And Advantages】Environmentally friendly vinyl material, The quality is better than most brands, strong adhesion, non-toxic, waterproof and oil-proof, easy to remove, will not leave any debris, will not damage the wall, and will not fade.Our advantage is that the pattern will not have color difference, other brands on the market have serious color difference, and the quality is very poor.
  • 4:【Easy To Peel And Stick】Keep the wall clean, These were super easy to put up. You just peel and stick.You can paste it anywhere you want, cut it, and do DIY at will.
  • 5:【After-Sales Service】Support returns, if you have any questions about tile decals, you can contact us, and you can also provide us with valuable suggestions.
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  • 1,【size and quantity】Tile decals 6"x6” in , a set of 16 pieces, Bright surface waterproof material with Beautiful Indian Mandala Designs
  • 2,【safety and enviromental protection】 we used Environmentally friendly vinyl material, the material is high-end,viscosity, thickness, strong adhesion, non-toxic, waterproof and oil-proof, easy to remove, will not leave any debris, will not damage the wall, and will not fade.The pattern is clear, there will be no color difference
  • 3,【Easy to use】Suitable for sticking on glass, or smooth wall, tear off the protective film on the front, and then tear off the adhesive tape on the back, and press it on the wall. Environmentally friendly vinyl material, strong adhesion, waterproof and oil-proof, easy to remove, will not damage the wall, and the pattern will not fade.
  • 4,【appliaction scenairos】 Will Enhance Beauty of Your Kitchen Wall, Stairs, Staircase, Furniture, Backsplash etc. GREAT for various well cleaned, flat surfaces in your Home, Office, Work, Commercial Event, Apartment, Studio, Hotel, Gym, Room, Bars, Bedroom or anywhere where you need these even can work as selfie Backdrop for Parties
  • 5,【After-sales service】 All wall stickers we sell are brand new, carefully checked before shipment, if you have any questions, please contact us, we will try our best to help you.

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