Speedway Interlocking Garage 6 LOCK Diamond Tile

Introducing one of the industry-leading premium six tab interlocking garage tiles with six tabs which cover every side! Excellent 6 LOCK Diamond Tiles, effortless to install that took me and my 13-year-old son less than one and half hours for a three-car garage. Looks amazing nothing terrible to say about Speedway Interlocking Garage 6 LOCK Diamond Tile. It looks ten times better than plan old Epoxy flooring that everyone else does. It comes six tab lock is designed to hold the tiles together without any gaps between the pipes. Speedway manufactured it by rigid material that okay to install over slightly uneven surface. It Made in U.S.A. High-rollover weight capacity for residential garages. These durable floor tiles designed withstand weight of larger vehicles including SVU's and trucks. Diamond Black tiles are not as likely to separate and cause gaps. Grid constructions to prevent mold growth. Mix and match colors to make designs. Speedway Diamond interlocking tiles are available in Black, Silver, Red, Blue, Orange, White, Yellow, Green, Purple, Beige, and Terra Cotta.

Speedway Interlocking garage flooring is perfect for - Garage floors, car showrooms, airplane hangars, apartment basements, retail shop floors, trade show floors, game rooms, gym floors, and more. Diamond tile Black 25 pack comprised of a high-impact polymer, which is a rigid, lightweight and robust material. Speedway engineered resist oil, gas and most routine household or automobile fluids. The tiles cleaning is easy and quick with a mop by water hose, squeegee broom by a pressure washer. The speedway interlocking design of the tiles is designed to allow air and water to flow underneath the tiles to prevent moisture build-up or mold.

Speedway Interlocking Garage 6 LOCK Diamond Tile Black 25 pack

My Experience about Speedway Black Diamond 789453B25 Review for your Guide Line:

After hours of research about different garage flooring system, I decided to go with the Speedway Garage interlocking Tile where I get two options as blue/black checkerboard. Solutions such as epoxy and paint are expensive, difficult to implement, and offer questionable durability. I ordered 450 sq. /ft. of the blue/black tiles and 20 ramps, which gave me some excess material for my 440 sq./ft. Garage. I installed it over a weekend, about 15 hours total working time. I used a table saw to saw the diamond shape material as needed, notching it around the garage door rails and door frames. The concrete floor of the garage had low/high spots, and the Speedway Diamond tiles spanned across these uneven areas with no problems. I did use thin foam matting material under the tiles, leftover from installing wood flooring in the house. The result was impressive as far as the look and feel of the floor. 

However, I have since determined that this flooring is susceptible to heat and especially, UV light from the Sun. The tiles will expand and cause the floor to bow up in the area of the floor exposed to direct sunlight. Providing at least 1/2 inch gap on ends of each row helps. The weight of the car and other heavy equipment in the garage causes a situation where the tiles can't move sufficiently for left/right heat expansion, and as a result, an approximately 2" bow occurs on the outer rows of tile exposed to sunlight. I have contacted speedway tiles about this twice with no response. I may wind up using cement adhesive or possibly a powder activated nail gun permanently resolve.

Speedway Interlocking Garage Flooring 6 LOCK Diamond Tile

Speedway Garage Tile Manufacturing created an easy to assemble and great-looking "floating" floor for our garage! My garage floor is aging cement with several large cracks that were getting wider every time I swept or used the blower to clear out my garage, and the story was always dusty from the cement degrading. I purchased the Speedway Garage Tiles and the ramp edges as a way to (almost) instantly and inexpensively upgraded my floor, and they work!

Some Installation Tips:              

  • Leave about 1/2 gap around the side and back edges for thermal expansion in the summer. Use a rubber mallet for installing them. Keep the garage door open during installation to help with the banging noise from pounding the tiles
  • Purchase ramp edges for the door openings to give it that completed look.
  • Makes moving things in and out of the garage since they tapered.
  • Use a piece of 1/2 plywood under floor jacks, so you don't dent the tile if jacking up a vehicle.
  • Use a chop or table saw for trimming your back and side edge pieces if you have one. If not, you
  • can use a handheld circular saw as the tiles cut very quickly.
  • Use a fine-tooth blade for smoother cuts. Go slow, so the plastic doesn't melt.
  • Use a jigsaw for any curved cuts you may need to make around pipes, water heaters, etc.
Speedway Interlocking Garage 6 LOCK Diamond Tile in 25 Black Pack

Speedway Interlocking Garage 6 LOCK Diamond Tile exceeded my expectations. Excellent quality as expected from a product made in the USA. Easy installation. Installed 625 square feet without a single tile giving me any problems. So impressed I'm going to finish the rest of my garage with another 625 square feet! I used the speedway black 25 tiles for a 12' x 24' shed and am very happy with the results. The speedway interlocking tiles were easy to fit together. Cutting the black diamond tiles to fit the dimensions of the space was not difficult with a jigsaw. The tile floor is not "solid" against my cement because my pad has settled a bit. However, the speedway garage tiles are locked in place and seem very sturdy. I have only installed two weeks ago so I cannot attest to durability. I would recommend this product for any work area.

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