SomerTile FXLM1HMG Retro Hex Floor and Wall Tile

Clean white matte finish porcelain hexagon mosaic tile will never go out of style for decades. I ordered these for my small bathroom. They came carefully packaged - no broken ones. The hexagon tile quality is awesome. My contractor used a grey grout which hides the dirt somewhat and looks fabulous. SomerTile FXLM1HMG Retro Hex Floor and Wall Tile i so classic white hexagon tile hexagon tiles, look to lend themselves to any decor. Use for historical renovations and modern floor and wall installations. Product may be used indoor or outdoor.

SomerTile Retro Description:

  • Manufacture By: SomerTile
  • Ceramic Floor Tile Name: SomerTile Retro Hex Porcelain Floor and Wall Tile
  • Title By: SomerTile FDXMHMW Retro Hex Porcelain Floor and Wall Tile, 10.25" x 11.75", Matte White
  • Color: Matte White
  • Size Name: 10.25x11.75"
  • Model No: FDXMHMW
  • Weight: 1.81 Pounds
  • Average Customer Review Rating: 4.3 out of 5.0
  • Price Range: Under 60

SomerTile Retro Hex Porcelain Tiles Installation Procedure 

  • First to inform about quality of porcelain tile that for floor and wall use
  • The glazed slightly textured by matte finish with a low sheen and uniform appearance in tone
  • P. E. I. Rating IV has high resistance to abrasion and is suitable for heavy-duty residential and commercial floor installations
  • C. O. F. Greater than. 60 to. 79 is required for industrial applications to meet or exceed ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Guidelines
  • All ceramic porcelain and natural stone tile coordinating in series. It produces at different times which can cause variation in dye lot (color) and caliber (size) which is authentic to tile

SomerTile black and white hexagon tile Review:

Stain Resistant: Any of SomerTile glazed tiles are considered stain resistant! Feel confident that your installation can stand the test of time and messes.

Family Friendly: Tile is the best choice for your home! Adding value, cleanliness, and durability, SomerTile offers some of the best selections on the market.

Stylish: SomerTile has the latest trends in flooring! If you are looking for the statement piece for your project, look no further.

Healthy Choice: Did you know that tile is resistant to mold, bacteria, and allergens? SomerTile is the safest choice for your home.

SomerTile Retro Hex Porcelain Floor Wall Tile

About Analyse Our Review on SomerTile Retro Hex Porcelain Floor and Wall Tile:

Best for Home Depot: These are a steal, light years better than any of the Home Depot or Lowes comparative hex tiles that I previously looked. I ordered seven boxes and only found Four hex tiles (not full sheets) with minor issues. Dry fit, install, and grouting went very well. I would purchase these again if I were to do it over. Fast shipping, double boxed. I feel become a winner.

Great Value and Satisfied by Quality: I didn't order enough for my job. I was having done, and because this ordered and I wasn't able to purchase more instantly at a local Home Depot or Lowes. While both big box stores carry this style, the measurements are slightly off at both stores, so I ended up having to scrap this entire purchase. These are a great value if you purchase enough or more than you think you may need!

Great Idea for Bathroom Décor: After my kitchen service, later I ordered these for my small bathroom. We had done a lot of wall and floor tiling last couple of years in our home. Firstly we décor our first floor with SomerTile. It armed with the right equipment and our experience; this was an easy project. We chose a dark grout, and it looks amazingly good. I precisely wanted to see what we could do with one box and no extra purchases. SomerTile Porcelain Tiles was just right for a small bathroom half wall. The tile itself is gorgeous. I love SomerTile Wall Tiles hexagons feature, so that was a benefit side for me. They came carefully packaged safely. The quality is good. Looks beautiful in the bathroom. A bit retro. I chose the wrong color grout - "Oyster." Darker would have been better, I think, to call attention to the geometry and show less dirt.

SomerTile Retro Hex Tiles

Retro Hex Matte Finish – Top Quality Made: The retro Hex Matte White with black porcelain floor tile order at online and get what I wanted. The SomerTile retro hex professionally installed in the main bathroom and went right into the walk-in and roll-in bath shower. It has not felt a  moment slippery when the bath gets wet. The matte hex comes in smaller amount of grout that provides excellent traction. It set a retro theme at tub - by white, black and gray, and is quite striking. Glad I bought it.

Matte Performance: The matte finish is stunning. Our one complaint was - that there were quite a few tiles with chips on them. Love this tile, and the matte black looks so fresh in our vintage bathroom. Renovated my bathroom and used white and black hex tiles to create a custom floor. The mesh-backed flooring is easy to cut into designs and cut with very few chips on my wet saw.

Final Word to Say: I like this tile, but it came as a suggestion for a pair with the SomerTile Retro Hex with Flower, and it is NOT an exact match. When the light is on you can't tell but when it is dusk and when you take a picture you really can. Super sad about this because I really pumped about my powder room and now I can't help but see it even if most people won’t even notice. But overall to say about the tile - Looks excellent after installation! I love it!

Good Sides:

  • Beautiful and comparatively inexpensive. Love them in my "vintage" bathroom
  • The matte finish is stunning.
  • Easy to cut and easy to place and get space this tile is what you want to use if you’re an amateur.
  • SomerTile is a budget match home improvement tool.

Drawbacks: Didn’t match previously purchased tile even though all numbers matched!!! It’s matte and not glossy and had a nightmare trying to get aligned!

In summary to say, SomerTile FXLM1HMG Retro Hex Floor and Wall Tile a great tool! It’s easy to lay down, and it looks incredible in our bathroom! I ordered a total 14 boxes and only found four or five hex tiles with minor issues. Dry fit, install, and grouting went very well. I would purchase these again if I were to do it over.

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