Sladust All-Natural Wool Dust Mop

My family loves Sladust All-natural Wooly! My wife brings Sladust All-Natural Wool Dust Mop a year ago and has used it ever since. It was getting seriously gross, so I sought out a replacement and found the Wooly Mammoth! My wife loves the Sladust wool dust mop for hardwood floors new broom. She Loves wooly mammoth mop. It's perfect & quick for the daily house sweep. Picks up so much dirt & dog hair, ideal for people with pets who shed. Quality is fantastic & built to last. Great decision. After she's going to retire her old mop - She comments that it is easy to wash and that the fibers are long and able to get under things quickly. The only thing I'm not altogether thrilled with is that only the 2-piece mop handle can be shipped to Canada because I find multi-piece handles tend to squeak after a while. So far, so good on this one, though. I like that fact that wool floor mop head has Velcro and a remove to wash when needed.

All-Natural Wool Dust Mop Description: 

  • Manufacture By: Slack Mop Company
  • Dust Mop and Pads Name: Sladust All-Natural Wool Dust Mop
  • Dimension: 48 x 4 x 4 inches
  • Weight: 2.5 Pounds
  • Model no: 200
  • Color: Multi
  • Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5.0
  • Price Range: Under 60

Features of Sladust All-Natural Wool Dust Mop Wooly Mammoth:

  • Multi-colored wool dust mop made from genuine wool
  • Best wooly mammoth comes with a Swivel head that provides maneuverability for easy cleaning
  • The durable Velcro - that backing and allows for quick & easy removal to hand wash
  • 48" removable natural lacquered wood handle; 12" metal frame; dusting area is 11" x 18."
  • Long handle wooly is an all-natural product and does NOT require any chemical treatment, nor expensive disposable pads. Replacement heads are available, which are also washable and reusable.

Sladust Manufacturer Review: The Slack Family continues a tradition of success in the face of progress with a fourth-generation family business. Made from genuine wool. Sladust is known as best dust mop excellent on tile, marble, linoleum, hardwood floors, and more. The ideal way to clean the natural way without chemicals. The swivel head provides maneuverability for easy cleaning. The NEW, DURABLE VELCRO backing allows for quick & easy removal of the dust head from its 17" frame for hand washing. The air-dry comes complete with a 54" natural lacquered wood handle. Dusting area measures 11" x 24". Sladust is an all-natural product and does not require any chemical treatment, nor expensive disposable pads. Replacement heads are available, which are also hand-washable and reusable

  • Sladust Big Wooly old-fashioned pure wool dry mop with swivel action; an all-natural cleaning tool - Made in the USA. The material sourced in the USA
  • The best floor mop for dusting all hard surface flooring around the home and office
  • Swivel head provides maneuverability for easy, natural cleaning
  • DURABLE VELCRO backing allows for quick and easy removal to wash
  • 17" metal frame & 54" natural lacquered wood handle / Dusting area measures 11" x 24"
  • Handmade in New England since 1909 in a 4th generation family-owned business.

Advantage and Disadvantages in Sladust Mamomoth Wooly All Natural Dust Mop:

After reading the several reviews I got one. It looked just like the picture when it arrived. We have two dogs and three cats, so hair is a problem, and that is why I got it. For the first use, it only pushed most of the hair around and did pick up some. So, I washed it and let it air dry. Now it looks like it plugged into a high voltage outlet, and works a little better, but still pushes most of the pet hair around. Maybe it will be better if I can find some of that Fuller Brush mop spray. Overall, Sladust mammoth wooly dust cleaner looks like I will still have to vacuum every day instead of supplementing with this.Sladust wooly dust mammoth mop easy to use. Sladust Wooly dry mop gets under furniture. Ordered this and a can of spray together but only received the dust mop. After a few days ordered another can of spray. Several days later finally received the first can of spray and a couple of days then the second. Together this sladust natural mop works great. Wish I'd bought one sooner.

Sladust All-Natural Wool Dust Mop 200

Review of Sladust Wooly Dry Mop:

Lovely Mammoth: My WIfe and I love large dust mop’s flexibility. The dry wool mop works  nice by large head on it. It goes into all the corners, and the handle lays right flat to the floor so that I can get under my furniture without having to move it all. I use Fuller Brush mop and duster spray with it, and it does a great job on my tile and laminate flooring. The dust clings in the fibers, and I'm able to mop it all into a small pile and then vacuum it up. I find the floor duster ironic that all the "all-natural" cleaning methods are coming back into use; probably because they're the ones that work without any gimmicks.

Mammoth Wooly Dry Mop: All natural wooly pet hair mop comes precisely what I needed. This dust mop makes my life so much easier. It cleans my hardwood floors in half the time as a vacuum, and it is fun to use. I have a little Pom dog, and she sheds year-round and believes me I have tried every dust mop available and was never satisfied with them. My new Wooly Mammoth Mop is just what I have needed all along. It works great, and my hardwood floors look like I want them to now. I would recommend this mop to my wife and I have. vI highly recommend.

All-Natural Cleaning Wooly: I am delighted with my wooly mammoth dust mop. It arrived promptly and was in great shape. I use into my hardwood floors, and it does a super job. He static helps the dust collector to this mop very well. I do wish the yarn strands were slightly shaggier to hold onto dust and debris. Otherwise it helps a lot. Had an issue with shipping and the seller Sladust resolved it immediately? They were a pleasure to work with Sladust Mammoth that’s works as best mop cleaner!

Saves Time: I have tried regular dust mops, but they just spread the dust around. Sladust wool dry mop - wooly mammoth almost performed like the handheld swifter that I use on smaller items to soils. This "Big Wooly" is excellent for dusting the bottom of chairs and hard to get to places. To ensure it used in an efficient manner, I shake it out frequently. Works well!

Long Swivel Head: Best Dust mop stands no chance with this dust mop. Have had one for years. Replaceable mop head is a perfect fit. It also a good idea for someone gifts — no complaints at all with this product. I bought this mop to dust off my trampoline before we jump. I love the wool that is the best. The handle swivels around, making it very easy to use.

You have to remember this is not a vacuum. It picks up hair and dirt but also acts a bit like a broom. On hardwoods, I vacuum the edges with a mini vacuum, then use the dust mop to pick up bits in the middle and corral anything it doesn’t pick up in a pile. Then I vacuum the pile. The dust mop gives a subtle shine to the floors and fits nicely under furniture to pull dust bunnies out. The handle does screw into the base, so a little wood glue is recommended to avoid it unscrewing. A shake out the back door after each use takes care of cleaning for me.

Lovely Wooly Mammoth Mop: I love Sladust big and wooly dust mop. Better than any of those newfangled gadgets today and I’ve tried quite a few. We had these when I was a kid, and that was a long time ago. It is made of wool and grabs dust and pet hair like no other. I'm a newbie to cleaning vinyl plank floors. This dust mop makes short work of dust & dirt. I haven't tried to wash the dust mop, but I don't expect it will need washed often.

Best Dry Mop for Hardwood Floors: For hard surface floors. Well eventually it wore out, and I was never able to find another one the same. Use on hardwood floors to get up tons of dog and cat hair. I use Ends on mine. Larger width works for me. I am delighted with my wooly mammoth dust mop. It arrived on time and was in great shape. I use into my hardwood floors, and it does a super job. If you are looking for a quality product, you won’t be disappointed.

I love Sladust All-Natural Wool Dust Mop! Have had it for over six months and it takes care of every inch of my hardwood, tile, and vinyl floors. We just built a house with mostly wood and tile floors that show a lot of dust and cat hair. This mop works amazingly well and traps all of the dust/hair so that we're not just pushing it from one place to another. I haven't tried to wash it yet, but so far I'm incredibly pleased. The other versions I've seen in-store do not have enough volume of fluffy yarn to be adequate. I would recommend wooly hair dust mop for the price, and you can't go wrong.

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