Sienna Luna Plus Steam Mop Handheld Steamer

The Luna is the first and top featured steam cleaner of its kind that combining Sonic Micro Pulse Vibration Technology. Besides it comes with three levels of adjustable steam control with illumination. An authoritative LED light source works with the MicroPulse Vibration feature – that assists the Swiffer across the floor surface. By the transonic effect loosens dirt and grime. The revolutionary Sonic Micro Pulse Vibration Technology provides a scrubbing effect that reduces your cleaning time and effort. Sienna Luna Plus Steam Mop Handheld Steamer - Produces 1500 Watts of steaming power in seconds. So easy to use, effectively cleans. The vibration mode is what I use instead of scrubbing. It needs only 20 minutes cleaning, but y you can refill with water and start again, no waiting for machine to cool down. It has had about two months now.

Review of Multi-Purpose Handheld Steamer for Cleaning Hardwood and Tile Floors, 1500 Watts, 212 Degrees F (SSM-3006) Sienna Luna Steam Mop

Break Up Grime and Dirt: MicroPulse Technology assists the best steam mop across move on the floor and breaks up dirt and smut with over 90 vibrations per second. A best handheld steam cleaner comes with best technology only for our smart cleaning service - Thanks Sienna!

Large Cleaning Surface: it's Large at 6” x 13” cleaning surface uses a heavy-duty eco microfiber pad that is washable, reincarnate and attaches easily.

Highlights Dirty Areas: LED Headlight illuminates the cleaning path and highlights areas that need cleaning, allowing you to clean with more confidence.

Sienna Luna Multi-Purpose 1500 watts Steam Mop

Why You Need Sienna Luna – The Best Steam Cleaner?

The Luna handheld steam cleaner is a giant vault forward in cleaning innovation from Sienna that obscuring the competition. It produces steam at three levels, which enables longer dusting sessions when full power is not necessary. Luna Steam cleaner unit does its job well. I particularly like the "dual headlamps" which do highlight those missed spots. I was somewhat pessimistic that the "vibrate" function was a total gimmick - it isn't and works well for stubborn grime on the floor.
The ability to detach the handle and floor mop, swing the unit over your shoulder, and roam to the cable's length is invaluable. The portability makes it a genuinely whole tube cleaning machine - bathrooms and all. Add to that the fact that you don't have always held down a button. It makes unit far more comfortable to use in manner than other portable steam cleaners.

Sienna Luna - best Hardwood mop  to the portable terry type head is a little small. I like to see additional head sizes and covers to more easily cover - countertops, sprinkling, stovetops and the like. Luna mop doesn't detract from the value of this product as advertised but, from my perspective, would provide useful, additional versatility. I recommend it best handheld steamer for all!

Commercial steam cleaner brings feature in Sienna 1500 watts multipurpose hardwood cleaners! At 75 with everyday tasks, I can carry this around, and it has removed gook I couldn't clean off for years! Sienna mop solves my dilemma of being allergic to dust mites, getting sick for 1-2 weeks after vacuuming with a Hepa filter vacuum. Hired three different people to clean while I'm out of the house to avoid hypersensitivity., and they all said it was too heavy. I Have delighted in steaming upholstery with Sienna Luna multi-purpose steam mop, and it drapes as well as all linen. It removed half the framework on a shower mat at the steam setting with a once-over. We will use it in the bathroom next time. The directions are clear, and the Swiffer is easy enough for me to take apart and put back together.

Sienna Luna handheld Steam Mop

I recommend using distilled water to avoid future complications. Few of us have natural water. With a bag even, the attachments look like toys but work. The squeegee removed the horrifying bird print from the window that killed it instantly with two passes. So, Sienna Luna Plus Steam Mop Handheld Steamer - multipurpose handheld steamer is light enough, adaptable, can be used pretty much everywhere on everything but plants and animals. If it doesn't break, I am a reverence of this fantastic versatile product. Call me Ms. Clean now. That said, I would recommend Sienna Handheld Steamer for home steam cleaner on Hardwood and Tile Floors. You love it and rebuy it.

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