Nitro Garage Interlocking Tiles

IncStores Diamond Nitro Garage Tiles Interlocking Garage Flooring - Diamond Black bring best garage flooring for users. Nitro Tiles have been engineered to be one of the most robust garage tiles on the market today. Easy to install and maintain, these hard plastic tiles have been engineered to resist staining from oil, gas, and most household chemicals. Constructed with impact-resistant polypropylene plastic makes these tiles capable of withstanding heavy rolling vehicle loads. Featuring the ever so popular tread plate pattern, these tiles are guaranteed to turn any garage from drab to the talk of the town. A 3-year warranty backs our Nitro Tiles.

Material: It constructed by high-quality impact resistant polypropylene ( which extremely durable hard thermoplastic polymer). That ensures colorfastness, durability, and chemical resistance.

IncStores Diamond Nitro Garage Tiles Specifications:

  • Made of high-quality impact-resistant polypropylene
  • 0.62 lbs. (per tile)
  • Size – 12” x 12.”
  • Thickness – 3/8 Inch
  • Weight – 0.62 Lbs. per tile

Recommended To Use: Nitro Tiles are the perfect multi-use floor tile for any home or business. These hard plastic garage tiles are great as flooring for garages, trade show booths, in dealership showrooms, as flooring in storage sheds, in workshops, as car show display flooring and much more.

Where to use Nitro Garage Tiles? Interlocking garage tiles reviews

  • Home garages
  • Commercial Garages
  • Trade show flooring
  • Workout rooms
  • Tool Sheds
  • Auto dealership showrooms
  • Retail stores
  • Auto show display floors
IncStores Diamond Nitro Garage

Golden select Interlocking Garage Tiles

Best garage floor interlocking tiles: Offer Durability and Flexible InstallationFloor tiles can add a level of style and professionalism to your garage or showroom. Nitro Tiles most often used as garage flooring, but this versatile floor option has also applied in various uses and spaces.

Easy to install: These interlocking garage tiles snap together for incredibly DIY-friendly installation. Also, it constructed with impact resistant plastic.                                                                                                          

Diamond: Our diamond garage tiles feature a raised diamond pattern, a look that often seen in professional garages. Just like the vented garage tiles, the diamond garage tiles are designed to stand up to harsh garage conditions. The diamond pattern gives your garage tile floor a sleek look, creating space for you to work on your cars or kick back and relax with your friends.

Interlocking Garage Tile Design and Looks: Whether you want a sports-team specific man cave or a sleek, professional-looking showroom, Nitro Tiles can help you get just the look after you. Customize the look with a diamond, coin, smooth or vented and choose from over 25 color options for a unique color pattern.

Garage Tiles Lowes CoinOur Coin garage interlocking flexible tiles offer supreme quality in garage flooring with a unique design. This popular design adds both traction and appeal to your garage. The raised coin pattern also provides anti-fatigue relief and is easy to clean.

Vented: If you want to create a fresh look and feel with your garage tile floor, our Vented Nitro Tiles are the way to go. With a variety of colors to choose from, these garage tiles allow you to easily customize your garage flooring and turn your garage into the ultimate showroom. These bad boys are a sturdy, durable and long-lasting garage floor covering.

Here are a few things customers love about Nitro Tiles:

  • Supreme durability: These tiles are constructed with impact-resistant polypropylene plastic (extremely durable hard thermoplastic polymer), making them capable of withstanding heavy rolling vehicle loads.
  • Stain and slip resistant: Engineered to resist staining from oil, gas and most household chemicals.
  • Easy to clean and maintain: sweep up debris when necessary, and hose off or damp mop the floor tiles with a mild soap-and-water mixture for tough, caked-on dirt or stains.
  • Customizable look: Create your dream garage with different textured tiles, including coin, vented, diamond and smooth.

Good Sides:

  • Product looks and feels as described. Very flexible in setup possibilities.
  • Great to use the Grid-Loc tiles are in commercial settings like yoga or Pilates studios, dance floors, outdoor wedding receptions, and trade show booths.
  • Best fit on basement flooring, patio flooring, deck flooring, workshop flooring, and even home gym flooring.


I bought this flooring under the guise that it would be perfect for ballroom dancing. I like its  American style rhythm and smooth and which I wanted to update our basement into a practice area.


Question: Does anyone know about “hot tires” which decorate surface damage to these? If I set on the garage, is there any part that can damage?

Answer: I have had these in my garage for a few months now with no issues. The car has been run hard on a hot summer day and parked on these tiles with no effect. The tires would never get hot enough to melt this plastic; it is very durable.

Question: How long these last outside in full day?

Answer: Mine set inside part.

Question: I use a pallet jack to move mu wondering machinery around in my shop – would these hold up another in my shop? Would these hold up under 1-2 thousands pounds of direct weight rolling over?

Answer: I don’t think so because the wheels Will leave debits in the floor

Question: Is these set underlayment?

Answer: No, only hardwood.

Thanks for staying end of the IncStores Diamond Nitro Garage Tiles Interlocking Garage Flooring - Diamond Black bring best garage flooring review. Hope by reading it you can find your best product for your garage. Its lightweight so you can set by yourself. Also, it makes lighter your garage atmosphere. Without diamond, you get several designs – so order as per your choice and lead a wonderful life. Good luck.

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