NEXUS Self Adhesive Vinyl Floor Tile – 20 Tiles

Last year I was looking for adhesive floor tile for my dining as well as matching with the kitchen. I wish my wife visited sever outlets and looking toward our clean tile. After saver analysis, we find out Achim Home Furnishings made NEXUS Self Adhesive Vinyl Floor Tile - 20 Tiles. Yes, while I am looking peel and stick tile for my dining room hall floor decoration, I watch a bundle of tiles. In Nexus product, they offer me 20 tiles in the box which 12*12 inches sizes. Its looks fit and perfect for my room. I like to thanks Nexus, where I can choose any design according to my wife choice. In their cart – their several models love –

  • Beige Terracotta
  • Black and White
  • Black with White Vein Marble
  • Classic Light Oak Diamond Parquet
  • Dark Slat 
  • Marble Blocks

According to my room decoration style, Black with White Vein Marble just outstanding. It’s a combined decision for us to make our room delighted. According to the dining room, size and Nexus 12*12” sizes – both match our requirement. After choosing the color, bring five boxes immediate for dining and kitchen. The Nexus adhesive marble makes it more comfortable to install me. You don’t believe me, my dining room needs three boxes of marble tiles, which take a couple of hours. My wife stood beside me and helped me to stick down the marble to quick on the floor. Each tile has a perfectly square shape that makes easier to attach on floor parts and join quickly. Twenty tiles come where each one has 20 sq. Ft. Size that's saved my new bucket. More than by Nexus adhesive vinyl floor tiles, I get five years warranty, as testing a year, my family becomes satisfied on high!

As a user, I always recommend you to buy Nexus adhesive vinyl floor tiles for your floor decoration. In this concern, I like to present some product information for your guideline:

NEXUS Adhesive Vinyl Floor Description:

Nexus Tiles can set in any room in your home including the kitchen, dining room, bedrooms, bathrooms, foyers, and basements. No messy glue or adhesives needed. Just peel and stick the Nexus tiles to a flat and dry surface - it stick on tiles simply. Now show off your beautiful new room to all your friends and neighbors.

  • Brand Name: Achim Home Furnishings
  • Product Name: NEXUS 12x12 Self Adhesive Vinyl Floor Tile - 20 Tiles
  • Model No: FTVMA42320
  • Style Name: Black and White Vein Marble
  • Installation Method: Glue Stick
  • Batteries: Not required
  • Average Customer Review Rating: 4.1out of 5.0
  • Price Range: Under 40
NEXUS Self Adhesive Vinyl Floor Tile - 20 Tiles

What’s Specialty in Nexus 12*12 vinyl floor tiles? Features at look glance: 

  • Stunning high gloss | No wax finish
  • Peel and stick floor tile
  • Easy do-it-yourself installation, just peel-n-stick
  • 12" x 12" tile | 1.2mm thick | 20 sq. Ft. per box (20 tiles per box
  • 5-year limited warranty

Features Highlights: 

In single word to say, for vinyl floor designing, Nexus adhesive floor tile is ideal. In the low budget, enjoy lifetime satisfaction. Like me, I selected peel and stick backsplash for our kitchen and dining room. You can pick it for a drawing room, living room, kids bedroom, bathroom, and any basement. Amazing to say, no need tremendous adhesive, stick down and set on the floor by self. Also, keep your surface neat and clean smoothly by mop and enjoy a refreshment. Save money, design with Nexus tiles and lead smartly.

Good Sides: 

  • Nexus vinyl floor tile give users ultimate satisfaction
  • Easy to resize the 20 square fit tiles
  • Smoothly stick on wall tiles as well as stick on floor tiles
  • Tons of weight can measure the tiles – offer excellent service, hold heavy furniture on the vinyl tiles.
  • 20 pieces of floor tile adhesive on the set come in a box, for a room designing or decoration, 2 to 3 packs enough and save worth money
  • Five years warranty in a short budget – a great pleasure for buyers


  • The tiles may break down by set large fridge, almeries, etc. ideal for kid’s room and kitchen but not for substantial furniture room hall.
  • The vinyl tiles don’t recommend in shower bath walls.


Question: Will it stick to any hard surface? Like corrugated plastic?
Answer: The existing floor must be clean, smooth, and level. The surface must be free of dirt, moisture, dust, grease, and wax

Question: Will these works on stairs?
Answer: I would recommend trying it. I am thrilled with my bathroom floor in fact and have purchased some longer product in grey to cover up some wallpaper in a minimal area that was a problem for me, and this worked out very well.

Question: Is there anything you could do to make the grouting of the tiles?            
Answer: I don’t know why you would want to grout this. Its flimsy fake vinyl tiles. You peel and stick them down easy peas.

Question: Will these work on the garage floor?
Answer: We put them on a garage floor that paints. We use it as a room, and they are starting to lift a little around the edges.

Thanks, Achim Home Furnishings for bringing NEXUS Self Adhesive Vinyl Floor Tile - 20 Tiles. It’s a product once come in a decade. Like others, it gives my family great pleasure. Honest, stylish, superb work on the floor and hold heavyweight things too. No adhesive require, stick down and set self a piece of tiles within a few minutes. It's sturdy, service me great. I like it, you also want by using Nexus vinyl – so give order and lead a satisfying life.

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