Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Squeeze Mop

I love magic eraser mop! I knew anything about the best magic eraser that Mr.Clean would be a problem solver. I have white Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Squeeze Mop, And that’s easy to maintain with many pets and an asphalt driveway. No amount of scrubbing, steaming, mopping - that touch cleaning would do the trick. I even tried to put a regular magic eraser mop under my steamer, but it was too small and wouldn't stay put. Bingo! Mr Clean came up with the answer, and I am a happy camper that I mean mopper! Thanks Mr Clean. These "magic" sponges clean like no other. So, I do recommend cleaning your floors. Some people said they fall apart easily, etc., but if you are careful, they won't fall apart. I've used Mr clean magic eraser mop many times, and it's still intact. Anyway, nothing cleans like this. Nothing.

Magic Eraser Sponges Description: 

The innovative cleaning power made of Mr clean sponge mop works wonders on my floors. It deeply penetrating action gets out grime and dirt trapped in grooves and surfaces. Like car upholstery cleaner, commercial spaces like hard floors can made easily shine. The highly absorbent include in Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Mop that rinses clean time after time. To get quick action and best results – recommend to use my favorite Mr. Clean for your all-purpose cleaner.

  • Manufacturer By: Butler Household
  • Household Supplies Title: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Squeeze Mop
  • Model No: 446642
  • Dimension: 3.5*9.8*53.5 inches
  • Weight: 11.5 Ounces
  • Price Range: Under 60

Features Looks at Glance: The mop squeeze made of soft plastic, so it presses hard in the middle where you're holding it but softly out at the edges of the "sponge," so the "cleaner" hits the floor sopping wet leaving puddles wherever it goes. The "sponge" is their "magic eraser" instead of a real sponge. I'm sure it's very good at grabbing dirt as I just had to scrape it cleanish with my fingernails to get most of the dust bunnies out of it after mopping. The "sponge" is also held on by a pair of plastic thumb nuts that stick up at least an inch above the mop head. They look handy for replacing the head until you try to mop under something and these nuts grab whatever you're cleaning under and suddenly your recliner, secretary, rocker, end table, whatever has a 4-foot extension handle firmly attached to it.

  • Magic Erasers offers deep penetrating action gets out grime and dirt trapped in grooves and surfaces
  • Highly absorbent
  • Safe for use on vinyl, tile, marble, stone, and non-wax floors
  • Use it with your favorite Mr. Clean all-purpose cleaner
  • The Magic Eraser you love now as a mop
  • Magic Erasers deep penetrating action gets out grime and dirt trapped in grooves and surfaces
  • Highly absorbent
  • Safe for use on vinyl, tile, marble, stone, and non-wax floors
  • The Magic Eraser you love now as a mop
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser  446642 Squeeze Mop

Instruction to handle Smart Mop:      


You don't need to. It cleans VERY EASILY. All you need to do is detailed here

1. SWEEP OR VACUUM YOUR FLOOR FIRST. Mr. Clean Mop is genuine of most surfaces, but true here. If you're pushing dirt and hair and other substances around you are doing it wrong. Yes, the sponge can tear, but regular users should keep it healthy. Don't overpress, don't use it on rough surfaces. It's made to clean linoleum, plastic, non-porous materials. And follow the next rules.

2. KEEP THE SPONGE CLEAN. I rinse mine in the sink regularly, keeping a steady stream of water on it to shed off the abrasives it's picked up. Dirt is an abrasive, as is hair and any other little particles it picks up, and it will pick them up. Don't go crazy trying to "pick" it with your fingers. Just rinse it. A steady stream of water should rinse off a lot of it, and you should place a filter in the sink to catch these things. The sponge will clean up by your vacuum left behind.

3. KEEP THE SPONGE MOIST. Not sopping wet, though. Once you've cleaned it in the sink, wet it and gently press the sponge with the handle or the squeezing device provided by your grip. Don't over squeeze it; touch it and let it stay just a little moist. It will clean better this way, and preserve your sponge.

4. USE NORMAL PRESSURE. Mr.  Clean 44642 works very quickly if you have a clean, moist sponge and a non-abrasive surface. It works like "magic." If you overwork the product, you'll tear the sponge and bend the mop handle. The mop handle is like any other mop handle nowadays, whether a Mr. Clean model or any of its competitors. Magic eraser squeeze mope made for mass production, and a reasonably healthy person who is scrubbing hard will run the risk of bending and ultimately breaking the handle.

5. REPLACE YOUR SPONGE REGULARLY. Sure, the squeeze mop is so smart that it is going to be more expensive than a mop would. But you will not believe how easily this will clean your floor with SO little effort. It is a "miracle" will clean better and more efficiently than anything else out there. And if you use "Subscribe & Save" with Amazon you'll save on the cost.

Mr. Clean Magic Squeeze Mop

I have all laminate and hardwood floors. I have been looking for a mop that wrings well and comfortable and mops well. This one does both. At first it didn't pull back easy, but after mopping one room it was better. Handy for floors. I used Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Squeeze Mop with my homemade floor cleaner (vinegar, water, baking soda). Got years of grime off the floor! Worked like a charm, I have ordered refills already. I love. Love, love it.

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