Mohawk Recycled Felt Rug Pad Safe for All Floors

Product Description: Mohawk Recycled Felt Rug Pad Safe for All Floors

Recommend Size: 7'6x10:

  • No latex backing need
  • Adds cushion side
  • Prevents bunching and wrinkles
  • It will not stain or discolor the floors
  • A reversible, no latex backed rug pad is essential to keeping your rug attractive and to extend the life of your carpet.

Mohawk Home rugs Key Features Look at Glance:

  • Mohawk Home Ultra-Premium Rug Pad has 100% recycled felt rug pad feature that provides rug protection and added cushioning in the area
  • Measures 7'6x10' | Pile Height: 0.25 inches
  • Smartstrand carpet that machine-made with 100% post-industrial recycled felted synthetic fibers
  • Rug pads help to clean with a solution with mild detergent and water or cleaned professionally. Do not machine wash.
  • Mohawk carpet made in the USA

Made in the USA

After buying, I’ve been proud to craft original rug designs. Mohawk rugs is creating authentically from USA products that suit my family. Behind each model, recycled felt rug pad is a source of soulful inspiration, drawn from our homes, our heritage, and our hearts. For its real wood flooring feature, Mohawk home create livable our home décor, intended to become a part of your home and help use to commercial carpet cleaner job that brings some of life’s best moments!

Easy to Re-size:

Mohawk home supreme dual surface rug pad can easily bashed with dual scissors that match the accurate size and shape on your rug, so set up is a breeze. The way determines what size your best rug pad should be is dull. The non slip rug pad rug pad about one inch less than your rug size for all sides, so it remains hidden. If the rug pad is slightly smaller than the rug, then the edges of the carpet will taper to the floor.

Protect Hard Flooring:

Also, rug pads for hardwood floors helps to prevent trip hazards accidentally issues by a heel of a shoe catching on the edge of the rug. By rug pads, its sized slightly smaller also slow the premature wear and curling at the rug’s side as it is walked on. The advantages side of a rug pad has noise integration, easier vacuuming, and an added layer of comfort between your feet and the hard floor.

Reduce Wear and Tear Impacts:

By using Ultra Premium rug pad it secures place, rug pads also preserve the life of your carpet from every day wear-and-tear while protecting your flooring. Mohawk is a best Rug pads provide shock soaking and comfort with a soft, supportive cushion foundation.

Easy to Trim:

I purchased felt rug pad 8x10 pad for an oriental rug, and every time I walk across it, my feet thank me! Mohawk merely luscious and has made all the difference in the look and feel of my oriental. When a rug adequately padded, it looks better to the eye, feels better to the feet, and will significantly extend the life and wear of the carpet - I know because I'm in homebuilding. This pad is thick and soft while still being appropriately supportive between the rug and floor and doesn't slide around. It was also obtainable to cut-to-size. Since it needed to brash both length and width, I used the shape portions for another small rugby using duct tape to hold the individual sections together.

Protect Wood Floor:

Great pad! Just installed hardwood throughout my house and wanted a pad to go under my area rug. I purchased this rug pad because our jute rug had started to scuff our newly finished wood floors, and I'm super happy with non slip rug pad for carpets far. It's soft to touch, so I feel confident it will protect the floors. Bonus - it gives a lot of cushions and has helped hold in the dust that jute rugs inevitably leave behind.

Perfect Thickness:

This is the excellent quality pad for under my hooked rug. I like the fact that it’s 100% recycled and made in the USA. It provides a smooth look to my mat. I use to trim about 2” off two sides; quickly done with regular scissors. On top of hardwood floors, it tends to move around. I must get some grippers to place under the pad. Other than that, this is a best floor pad, and I highly recommend it.

Good Sides:

  • An excellent choice for Vinyl Floors and cheap carpet tiles decoration.
  • Real wood flooring feature comes
  • Pair of scissors cut the job within 5 minutes
  • Several features of sized avail for users
  • Area rugs offer among real wood flooring budget tools


  • By cutting the rug surface not easy at all, the area quite dense that have to need to use physical force to accomplish cut

I feel wonder at my first use at home and my family too. Mohawk Recycled Felt Rug Pad Safe for All Floors a light and robust fabric quality home improvement tool that comes under budget solicited tool that keeps protecting every user with high satisfaction. I like to rate 5 out of 5 and hope you do the same after using the device – good luck for your future service being.

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