Mint Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner, iRobot 4200

I and my wife pleased with Evolution Robotics by bought Mint Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner, iRobot 4200!! I've only have had the Mint 4200 one day, and I usually wouldn't rate anything compare with mint cleaning - its quicker, but I am so impressed with this little unit. I pulled it from the box, let it charge overnight, easily set it up with a wet Swiffer cloth after having already swept my floors yesterday, and set it on my kitchen/utility area floor. I set its Companion Cube high up so it could scan my L-shaped kitchen with Middle Island, and turned the floor unit on. My husband and I drank a cup of coffee as we watched this little robot work its magic.

I own two months Mint hardwood floor cleaner. I have to say without a doubt the robot floor cleaner device is worth every penny. Living in Southern California has its perks, but a downside is an air always filled with dust and dirt. Add that to owning a dog and having  girl and my bride and the daily buildup of earth within our home is crazy.

Let me note - I did not purchase mint automatic floor cleaner as a mopping machine. I bought it intending not to have floors that have hair and dust buildup 12 hours after a full sweep and mop. I was amazed at how well that worked. It cleaned and left a buffed glow on my laminate when the floor dried. One of the best microfiber mop cloth kept wet for a surprisingly long time, but with the pause feature, it was elementary to rinse and replace the fabric to help with my extra dirty floors. its a friendly automatic hardwood floor cleaner for my home! My best robot vacuum - I love iRobotic!

Top Features of iRobotic Developed Mint Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner, 4200: 

  • Compact robot floor cleaner runs up to 3 hours on a single charge using microfiber cloths or most brands of disposable towels
  • Guided by North Star Navigation System to methodically clean open areas, around furniture and rugs, and along a room perimeter
  • Whisper-quiet operation service get guranntee from best robotic mop feature in Mint Automatic 4200; turns itself off when finished
  • Low maintenance with no bins to empty or filters to change
  • Measures 9.6 inches wide by 8.5 inches deep by 3.1 inches high; 1-year warranty
Mint Automatic Best Hard Floor Cleaner

Product description: 

Mint Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner, iRobot 4200 - by compare to bissell steam mop, you enable to self analyse both commodities. From Evolution Robotics is designed exclusively for sweeping and mopping hard surface floors for you. Using dry and pre-moistened cleaning cloths, Mint picks up the dust, dirt, and pet hair that steadily accumulate on floors. Mint 4200 come only 7 pounds weight and 8.5*9.6*3.1 inches that compact design gets into tight spaces, under furniture and into other areas that are hard to reach with traditional mops and sweepers. Remember Mint robot vacuum cleaner can run up to 3 hours or 180 minutes at single operation.

Guided by the North Star Navigation System: Mint methodically cleans open areas by moving back and forth in straight lines, working around furniture and rugs, and cleaning along baseboards.

Mint is easy to use: attach your cleaning cloth of choice, choose sweep or mop and let Mint clean for you. Since Mint is not a vacuum, there are no bins to empty or filters to replace. So you can enjoy hassle-free clean floors every day.

Intelligent Navigation: The North Star Navigation System works like an indoor GPS that helps Mint keep track of where it has been and where it needs to go. Specifically, the North Star Cube projects a signal that Mint uses to determine its location. Then as Mint starts cleaning, it builds a map of the area as it goes, marking walls, obstacles, and drop-offs as it encounters them.

After Mint finishes cleaning open areas, offers best hard floor cleaner and around obstacles, it performs a final edge cleaning along walls and furniture and then returns to where it started so you know right where to find it. Mint can mop and clean up to 800 square feet either in an ample open space or by discovering adjacent rooms. In mop mode, the cleaning area is restricted to 250 square feet to optimize cleaning while the cleaning cloth is wet.

Sweeps And Mops: Mint's dual modes let you easily maintain all your hard surface floors with one device. In Sweep mode, Mint uses a dry sweeping cloth to pick up dust bunnies, pet hair, and grit from your deck. In Mop mode, Mint automatic floor mop comes with a pre-moistened cleaning cloth and an unusual back-and-forth mopping motion to pick up more deep-seated dirt and grime. All it takes to switch modes is a fresh cleaning cloth and a press of a button.

iRobotic Mint Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner

Cleaning Cloths: Mint robot sweeper works with commonly available disposable cleaning cloths or with reusable microfiber cloths. Mints specially designed microfiber cloths can be re-washed and re-used hundreds of times. Different fabrics have been developed to optimize both sweeping and mopping. Flat white microfiber cloths are ideal for attracting dust and dirt while dry sweeping. Textured grey cloths hold water and help loosen and grab more deep-seated grime when mopping. Mint comes with a starter pack of 1 mopping and two sweeping materials.

In the Box: Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner, North Star Navigation Cube with 2 C batteries, two dry sweeping microfiber cloths, one wet mopping microfiber cloth, power adapter, quick start guide, user manual? Mints – best hardwood mop cleaner also offers one year warranty too!.

Care Instructions: To keep your clothes in good shape for hundreds of hours of cleaning, please follow these laundering recommendations:

  • Machine wash warm.
  • Tumble dry low or air dry.
  • Do not use fabric softener or bleach as these can degrade the cloth fibers over time.
  • Additional Features: Superior pick-up power on pet hair.
Mint Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner by iRobotic 4200

Wet cleaning with microfibers is safe for sealed floor surfaces, including tile, vinyl, laminate, and sealed hardwood. Disposable pre-moistened cloths are usually safe for the same floor types, but always check the package to make sure they are safe for your floor type.

Mint Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner, iRobot 4200 - Direction:                

  • Please see enclosed user manual for complete Mint usage
  • Cloth Care Instructions:
  • To keep your clothes in good shape for hundreds of hours of cleaning, please follow these
  • Automatic floor cleaner laundering recommendations:
  • Machine wash warm
  • Tumble dry low or air dry.
  • Do not use fabric softener or bleach as these can degrade the cloth fibers over time.
  • Wet cleaning with microfibers is safe for sealed floor surfaces including tile, vinyl, laminate, and sealed hardwood. Disposable pre-moistened cloths

Top Reviews of iRobotic Developed Mint Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner, 4200: 

Battery Life: Is it as effective as taking a new mop like a bucket of bleach to your floor? No. But if my wife like to spray some vinegar or multipurpose solution on the floor and press a button? Let's see my review:

Positive Notes:

  • Much cheaper than a Scooba and Roomba robotic mop
  • With a little cleaning solution, the automatic cleaner give my floor a great outlook
  • Longer battery life
  • Compatible for both Swiffer moistened and dry cloths. You can reuse the microfiber ones

Negative Aspects:

  • No scheduling or docking - like more expensive robot cleaners
  • I had to use my floor cleaning solution (the agony!)

My Decision: I splashed some diluted Mr. Clean on my floor and let the Mint at it. iRobotic Mints hardwood cleaner took about 15-20 mins to cover my 6X6ft kitchen and had plenty of battery to do a rinse. Since it is not a real vacuum, the dry swifter towel gets dirty pretty fast with dust bunnies, so that's another reason to be around while it works. It does get under beds well. Battery life longer than I thought. Surprisingly quiet which is a plus. It's an exciting little toy, but in 10 minutes with a Swiffer Vac, I can cover a lot of territories and truly vacuum. Once I swept first and let Mint do mopping of the hardwoods and that seems to go pretty well. Since I now own it, I'll likely use it.

Mint Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner Mop

Evolution Robotics Mop: I purchased the iRobotic Evolution Robotics Mint floor sweeper due to my hobbyist interests in robotics and basically for the 'this is pretty neat' mentality. That being, the Mint is a clean design with pros and cons alike (which I will summarize at the end).

My Specific Application: Primary target, the great room and adjacent eating space which equates to roughly 500-600 square feet. The secondary objective, master bedroom approximately 225 sq. Ft. The items touching the floor in the great room has a couch, 'love-seat,' pool table, coffee table, miscellaneous DVD shelves, two-floor mats (front and back doors), and a few misc — things throughout under Mints hardwood cleaner. The bedroom has shelving unit, bed, dresser, computer desk, desktop computer.

Magnificent Hardwood Floors Solution: I am 7 days into owning my Mint hardwood floor cleaner. I have to say without a doubt this device is worth every penny. Living in Southern California has its perks, but a downside is an air always filled with dust and dirt. Add that to owning a dog and having girl I and my bride and the daily buildup of earth within our home is crazy.

Living style: I am 27 living with two other guys all out of college. I have long hair (which sheds like a Wookie. No pets. We eat in the main room without tables and such. Now back to the device at hand. Mint was a well-packaged device (unlikely to be damaged during transit due to the abundance of Styrofoam packaging). According to the product manual (online pdf), the first charge should be 16 hours (which I fulfilled) although the charge light stopped blinking after a few hours. The device comes with its patented 'North star' cube and 2 C batteries for powering (which is nice to have batteries included although they died after four full uses). The device itself seems sturdy which I suspect could survive a good kick across the floor. My favorite thing about Mint is the small amount of moving components.

If you are expecting every smudge and spot to be clean, change your expectations.  The primary use of the device so far is to keep the floor clear of hair, dirt, crumbs, and the sort which I must say is satisfactory for me. As others have stated, it will occasionally leave piles of wool and such in corner areas which are perfectly fine with me so long as it is gathered enough for me to pick up when I get home from work, although I suspect this will reduce in intensity with more frequent use. The cube does not have an overly extended range, so this may be a problem for some. In my case, it didn't make it down my hallway although I have not repositioned the cube to attempt a higher precision. Without the Cube, it still successfully cleans the master bedroom although it lost some of its area finding precision. With the cube, it cleans the Great room effectively missing remote range areas seldom.

Everyday Business: It's just a duster, which was okay because my big problem was kitty litter that once kicked into the air coated all the floors. Even still, it needed to run a lot to keep up with one kitty. Worked okay for two days and conked. The light indicates it's okay, but it doesn't move. So the diagnostics are useless. I've heard there IS product support, but the leads I have followed so far have been dead like the machine.

Perfect My Dust Business: I purchased this little guy about a week ago and have used the Sweep function on it twice since then to clean my kitchen/living room/dining room.
This area has no transitions as it is entirely made of hardwood floors, though there is a large area rug in the Living room area, a small one at my apartment entrance and a kitchen island.
 It has performed very well for the capacity in which I bought it for, namely, to pick up dust and other minor detritus that accumulates under my couches, entertainment system, and dining room table. The First run was ugly, with dust bunnies being driven before it as it emerged from under my furniture, like civilians fleeing a battlefield. A subsequent attempt was much better with a few stray rabbits crushed under it's Swiffer plate and wrangled back to its starting point.

Mint 4200 Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner

Outcome Result: Much cleaner Hardwood floors and dust bunny safe havens destroyed.

Good Sides: This product works very well. It does get stuck now and then, but that is just the way some of our rooms are set up. It does as advertised and would recommend this to anyone.

  • Quiet, relatively intelligent movement, Swiffer pads do a pretty excellent job. Short enough to go under almost any furniture.
  • Cheaper than many other models
  • The small amount of moving components (lower likelihood of breaking/clogging/etc.)
  • Simplicity and ease of use
  • Effective in cleaning little messes


  • Plugin for charging underneath the unit is a bit inconvenient.
  • No base to recharge (unlike Roomba, Mint requires you to plug in manually)
  • Will leave piles of debris occasionally in areas
  • Relies on Guidance Cube for large areas
  • Does not cross low threshold boards well between living spaces

In the Tale: We love Mint Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner, iRobot 4200 - it works very well. I even dropped it as I was unearthing it from the Styrofoam clench before I was able to use it. Cut it from perhaps 4 feet onto a hard, wood floor. And it still works! This thing is hardy and well-made. We have five dogs, and three of them are Shelties - suffice it to say that dog hair is ubiquitous in our house. Have had the device for two weeks and am mighty pleased with its mopping and sweeping abilities. Both functions work great. We have a large room encapsulating a kitchen, dining and living areas. Lurch travels intrepidly everywhere taking dog hair with him and never repeats a spot. Sometimes one charge in Lurch can last two entire cleaning rounds. Highly recommend to those who don't wish to mop or sweep a moderately dirty floor every day.

In summary, if you have high expectations, you may not want this device. If you want a machine to do additional cleanup while you are away or busy and don't mind doing a short sweep once a month or so to pick up what it cannot. Mint Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner device does precisely what I wanted it to do, and does it well with a lower likelihood of breaking in comparison to many other higher complexity devices.

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