MAXYOYO Baby Play Mat for Living Room

Japanese Thicken Coral Velvet Carpet is a beautiful and delicate, favorable price, high quality, super soft, non-slip, long fur, feel warm, nature, the only style, MAXYOYO Baby Play Mat for Living Room is easy to match your bedroom, living room, balcony. Our mat fills with high quality and environment-friendly floor play mat built in cotton, healthy and environment-friendly, with good resilience that can stay shaped for long time using, good rebound effect lets you freely relaxing on the mat without any misgiving.

When I first received 79 by 98 inches Soft Tatami Carpet playmat, I was distraught because it was all wrinkled and it looked a mess. I contacted the seller right away, and he did mention it will take a couple of days for it to unwrinkled. After leaving it flat for two days it was perfect, like in the picture. MAXYOYO Japanese Coral Velvet Carpet is fantastic. We purchased it for our living room, which doubles as our 18 months old’s playroom. I wanted something soft and plush, so if she fell off the couch while gallivanting she wouldn’t hurt herself; it met, if not exceeded, my expectations in the soft landing department. The Baby play gym - is great to sit on and play with her; she’s even lain down and fallen asleep.

MAXYOYO Baby Play Mat

Some reviewers notice some issues with the creasing; as soon as I opened baby floor mat and laid it out, it settled very quickly - a few minutes. The crawling baby mat does dimple very easily if a chair or heavy object placed on it, but the baby play mat material always springs back and does so very quickly. The color was true to the picture, we got the Green/Pink, and it was like we wanted. Unlike some rugs it does not conceal any dirt or debris, so I guess you could day it gets dirty quickly, BUT I want to specify that we have dogs, and do not keep them off the rug, so they track a lot of dirt in from outside. I am grateful the carpet doesn’t ‘eat’ dirt like our previous rug: I can immediately see that needs to vacuum, and once done its spotless again. We have a shark ion robot vacuum and run it once a day, and it cleans MAXYOYO baby play mat beautifully- doesn’t get stuck trying to go over the thick edge. My son loves to crawl and play on the baby floor mat. Give a chance you will not regret it. Its a number one baby crawling mat for mine - next will be yours!

Features of Japanese Thicken Coral Velvet Carpet Children Crawling Mat Tatami Mat Living Room:

Material: The surface material of the baby play mat/tatami mat is ultra-soft Short Velvet, the filling is sponge, non-slip plastic spots bottom, thickness: 2cm, Size: 79 by 98 inch. It is ultra-soft and comfortable when you touch

WIDE VERSATILITY: Japanese Tatami Mat can be used to relax leisurely, the family can sit or lie on the ground; it can offer luxurious comfort in your home life. It is also a very nice shaggy children bedroom rug/play mat, perfect for your boy or girl room, MAXYOYO Children Crawling Mat is the best option for baby/toddler/infant/nursery class. With MAXYOYO best thick rug, you will never worry about your child falling. The solid color floor mat is also suitable for home decor, living room rugs, area rugs, bedroom carpet, etc.

Japanese MAXYOYO Baby Play Mat for Living Room

EASY TO CLEAN: Dust and dirt on the surface can remove easily. Please try to wipe clean if there is some dirty, Can also be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, that's the most convenient way with minimal efforts.

MAXYOYO - Manufacturer NOTICE: We have already improved our package for fewer creases, but please kindly be noticed that the children play mat/tatami mat/foam rug is vast and thick, so it folds into bags for transportation. When MAXYOYO Baby Play Mat for Living Room pad arrived, there may be some creases, and it will take 2-3 days for the wrinkles to come out completely.

Warning: DO NOT WASH IT BY machine

Best baby play mat comes with GUARANTEE: 30-day warranty and always friendly customer service

One Mat for Various Uses! Large baby play mat!

Use it in the living room: MAXYOYO offer kids play mat that vary from sizes and 10 colors for you to choose!

A Casual Carpet. You can lay down for a nap, reading a book, or put it in your bedroom, as long as you can imagine.

Baby Crawling Carpet. We love MAXYOYO as best carpet that is thick enough to keep off the moisture of the floor, so please feel at ease and let your baby play on our thicken mat and enjoy a great time with your newborn playmat with your kid.

Exceptional Durability: Foldable mat not only saves the space but also effectively reduces the crinkle due to long-time storage.

Best Baby Play Mat for Living Room

Great for Hardwood Floors: I love MAXYOYO! We have hardwood floors throughout our house and an eleven months baby who is beginning to crawl. This is the most fabulous mat. I purchased this for our daughter who is not yet walking, so they didn’t need to crawl on hardwood floors. It also cushions them if they should fall. Tatami Mat makes a perfect crawling mat and still looks lovely in our living room! I spilled coffee on it on day two, and it cleans up, ideally using laundry detergent and water to hand wash a corner of the mat. You can’t even tell anything was spilled on it!

Best Play Mat: Perfect size for the area we needed. Super soft, cozy, and cushioned for our 11-month-old. We had one of those puzzle piece one of best mats that the baby kept scratching at and getting stuck under her fingernails. Children Baby Toddler rugs is built in high quality. I highly recommend MAXYOYO Nursery Rug!

MAXYOYO Baby Play Mat 79 inches for Living Room

Fantastic Quality and Value: I searched everywhere for a well-cushioned play mat for my girl. We have cats that like to scratch, so the universal foam tile mats do not last very long in our house. I was so excited when I found MAXYOYO best play mat that’s very large, cushioned, and cozy carpet, and I was so pleased when it arrived very quickly to see that the thickness and quality are just as pictured! I’m so happy with the purchase. I had one question about color. I emailed the seller directly, and they got right back to me and were more helpful than I would’ve imagined. Great business people, excellent customer service, great product, high quality! I highly recommend this mat from the seller correctly!

Best Rug For Ever in Budget: We love this! It's very soft and only took two days to air out. We ordered the most significant size, and it covers a lot of floors! We love the green first and later order pink ones. There was no weird smell or permanent wrinkles. Our eleven months daughter loves MAXYOYO Nursery Rugs as well. We purchased MAXYOYO Tatami Best Mat for Living Room when he was eleven months. Because he was actively crawling and we have tile floors. Now he's walking, and this plush rug keeps him safe if she falls over while he's playing or running around. Great rug. We are looking to get another Nursery MAXYOYO Rug. We refer it to anyone who is looking for a thick, soft, and beautiful mat.

Finally To Say: MAXYOYO Rug is as described, pretty squishy and soft, perfect for my one year old's room to help cushion her tumbles a little bit. The only issue I had was the overpowering smell when I first opened MAXYOYO Baby Play Mat for Living Room, but it dissipated pretty quickly, and it has a tear in the seam on one side, but who knows if it was thereupon opening or just appeared as a result of being played on. Very happy with our purchase. Super soft, cozy, and cushioned service use for last 9-months. We had one of those puzzle piece mats that the baby kept scratching at and getting stuck under her fingernails. The puzzle mat is high quality. I highly recommend you, my friend.

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