Markee Commercial Grade Microfiber Floor

Markee offer topclass Microfiber wet mop pad, which include one heavy-duty telescoping aluminum pole, and one 16" aluminum heavy-duty trapezoid mop frame. Yes, this review on my experienced used about Markee Commercial Grade Microfiber Floor/ dust or damp with a washable Pad. The telescoping mop pads are so high that for laminate, tile or hardwood, so it has the versatility to do a great job on any hard surface floor like your home. The microfiber pads can also used as a sweeper broom. You can use your cleaner for mopping, so there is no need to go out and purchase new cleaning products if you already have own. Markee Microfiber mop cannot buy at any box store or accessible retail location!!! Markee dust washable clean mop has previously only been available to commercial and industrial best way to cleaning service. The qualities of this mop also make it valuable for janitorial and private housekeeper cleaning services.

Features of Best Microfiber Mop – Markee:

  • Commercial-grade materials make this mop effective for heavy usage or long-lasting for regular household use
  • Perfect for hardwood floors - great for any surface.
  • Our Velcro backing allows you to wash and re-use the pads, so you are not throwing your money away
  • Telescoping handle that accommodates various heights and tasks
  • Lightweight but extremely durable aluminum with end caps to protect baseboards
Markee Commercial Grade Microfiber Dust Floor Mop

Review of Markee Commercial Grade Microfiber Floor:

An Overview Looks: The microfiber is a great mop. The size is perfect. It's not too small or too flimsy, like other options. It does feel commercial grade, but it's not bulky or heavy. It is effortless to use and clean. I use it on my bathroom floor and even on my tiled shower walls. Spray the walls and run this mop up and down to clean. Piece-a-cake. I'm pleased with this purchase and wish they made other mop/squeegee options because the quality is fantastic.

Commercial Grade – Microfiber Mop, How its Work: Best floor cleaning mops I've ever owned! I've had two similar ones that were plastic. The last one broke within two years. Markee cleaning mop is a well constructed and balanced mop that is a good weight for a mop but not too heavy. The size and height of the handle are easy to use. The microfiber built-in excellent quality--much better than the ones that came with the others which were much thinner in comparison. I use it to wet mop my kitchen and bathroom floors. The Commercial grade microfiber floor dust mop with a washable pad manipulates easily for turning and going into narrow spaces. The commercial-grade materials used make this well worth the price.

For Floor Solution: we just got hardwood floors and find Markee is best microfiber mop pad that works excellently- both dry and damp. I recommend it best mop for hardwood floors. The Velcro backing has withstood washing and so far no problems attaching the pad to the broom (I love that the Velcro strips are screwed to the mop head so that they don't eventually pull off like cheaper mops I've used). Commercial grade the best quickie mop and is every way to go.

Telescoping Handle For Smooth Job: The microfiber dust mop we recently moved and put in hardwoods and tile; bought this to clean them, and the hardwood installers were so impressed they asked me where I bought it. I've never been a daily sweeper, but I am now with this mop. Partly that's just due to dust and cat hair showing up so quickly on the hardwoods, but the broom is exceptionally lightweight and easily maneuverable, so a quick daily dry sweep is easy. Others may have a different method, but what works for me is to dry sweep with this mop, and periodically stop and use a dust buster to vacuum up any piles on the floor and also vacuum off any build up on the mop pad. It makes the pad last a long time and still do a great job picking up every little piece of dust. This mop would be easy to use (dry) for someone who doesn't have much muscle strength. Note: haven't tried to use the telescoping handle, so don't know how well that part works.

Cheap Price Commercial Grade Microfiber Floor

Amazing Floor Cleaner in Budget: After two broken Swiffer, I look out a heavy-duty mop and find Markee microfiber dust mop. I was debating between MarkeeTM and the Bona, but I am so glad after I went with Markee telescoping pad. The telescoping cleaning mop is much sturdier and can reach underneath couches and furniture. Because it doesn’t have the bulky bottle that the Swiffer and bona have. The clean dust mop looks like it's going to last for a very long time. The pad is also much better! It dries ten times faster than the Swiffer pads ever did and does not leave streaks as they did either! His mop pad feels substantial, and it did a great job on my hardwood floors. I used a towel under it to dry mop first and then used Thieves cleaner to wet mop the floors. I am delighted so far! My wife and I best way to mop hardwood floors with Markee from any corner between furniture spaces. It is big enough to get the job done but small enough to be used in a house with furniture. Like wooden floors cleaning- it looks much better, and I can buy my choice of cleaner!

Highly Recommend To You: have been using Bona products for the last ten years, including their mop handles. The previous broke in such a way, and it can only glued if even that will work. Plastic is not a good idea for big jobs. Markee mop is a total solution cleaning mop, which is reliable in every way. Microfiber dust steam is thicker; it's steel, it's adjustable, and there's very little that could break on it. MarkeeTM has been very responsive to all questions asked on Amazon, and I wonder if it's a family-owned operation. In any case, I would happily buy from them again. The dust mop was also the best price of its kind. I Highly recommended Markee as best home mop!

Markee Commercial Grade Cleaner Mop

I love Markee washable pad dust cleaning mop. Much better than plastic Don Ablett mop. Heavyweight handle adjusts to your best height. I bet it will last more extended and costs more but will pay for itself in the long run. The best dust cleaning mop head is more prolonged and broader than the D A mop too. Microfiber is the way to go. Picks up everything but doesn't break you back like string mops. My daughter has hurricane mop. Hard plastic center drags on floor, and you can't scrub with it. Love Markee Commercial Grade Microfiber Floor aluminum frame and handle microfiber mop. I might get one for my daughter!

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