Manton Natural Cork Roll For Floor

Every family needs a fresh living home where they live with joy. Like others, my family loves to decor home with different furnish, with cork roll. Manton Cork Roll, 100% Natural, 4' x 8' x 3/8" I used for years. Its great outlooks, nice furbished that’s increase outlooks in office, kitchen even for your kid's room. Manton Cork comes to roll feature so that you can store when you need to clean your floor. If you need to wash out dust on cork, then use water with soft metal and dry on sunshine. Looks like carpet but works better than that – which makes your room delightful. For your kind information, present buying tips in short:

Manton Cork Roller Description:

  • Manufacturer Name: Manton Cork
  • Brand Name: Manton Cork Roll, 100% Natural, 4' x 8' x 3/8"
  • Item Weight: 13 Pounds
  • Dimension: 96*48*0.4 Ounce
  • Color: Natural
  • Model No: 438008-CR
  • Average Customer Rating Review: 4.0 out of 5.0

Features Looks at Glance: Manton Natural Cork Roll

  • Cork material especially for home improvement projects. Design a cork wall or tacking pin-up area
  • Ideal for kid’s room, playroom, kitchen, home office & shop. Use as cork backing for a dart board
  • Excellent acoustical (sound transmission) and thermal benefits (insulates both cold & heat)
  • Easy to cut & install - For Manton cork installation, first of all mount directly to wall, glue to backer board. Stain/paint to match the decor
  • Tremendous savings over store-bought or custom made bulletin boards
Manton Cork Roll, 100% Natural

Extra Thick Natural Cork, self-healing, high-quality cork bulletin board facing material, durable and flexible. Easy to cut. Perfect for designing your cork bulletin board, cork wall or for use as a dartboard backer. We recommend gluing the cork panel directly to a Sheetrock wall or if preferred, mount on a soft fiberboard substrate, plywood or Gypsum material. Lengths available to 115 linear feet, visit Manton Cork's website for details regarding all our cork products.

Please note: manton cork underlayment are custom cut to size and cannot be returned or exchanged.

Good Sides:

  • Top reviews and rates get from the users; no complaints find out yet from manton industrial cork review
  • The perfect piece for indoor decoration
  • Easy to install and customize the size


Once you cut, you cant resize or cant return.


Question: Is this easy to cut? Do I need to customize the size?

Answer: I didn't cut mine, but it's cork so it looks like it'd be accessible too if you needed. Some shears might work, but surely a jigsaw or a Dremel or similar would do the trick.

Question: Was it hard to flatten?

Answer: If you want it as flat as possible I would recommend putting a piece of plywood on top of it for a few days with some heavy buckets or something of weight on top of it.

Question: Is the price only for sheet or full sheet?

Answer: Yes that's for a per piece of sheet. It is a genuine 4 foot by 8-foot sheet.

Question: Can this fit on the large area?

Answer: It has 96 x 48 x 0.4 inches dimension so it can fit on the standard area.

In Manton Cork Roll, 100% Natural, 4' x 8' x 3/8" review, you get the best feature and long lasting service. For my case, I still used it for my home decoration. It cut by a different angle and resize. The size is quite thinner but it suitable for kitchen and drawing room under furniture decor. It also comes a reasonable price which decent level for all users – give order and enjoy your smart living atmosphere.

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