LEGEE-668 Vacuum Mop: 4 in 1 Robot for Floor

For our all tile house, 4 in 1 Robot For Floor is perfect. Once we discovered the minor quirk about the damp mop function and a beneficial 800 number for our question, I can rate LEGEE-668 Vacuum Mop: 4 in 1 Robot for Floor 5 stars. Easy to clean and maintain. Wish it had an app but I hear that is in the works. Not likely to be retrofit. Sturdy.

Product Description:

  • Manufacturer By: HOBOT
  • Manufacturer Title: HOBOT LEGEE-668 Vacuum-Mop 4 in 1 Robot for Floor, Automatic Robot for Wet or Dry Floor Cleaning
  • Review Title: HOBOT LEGEE Vacuum-Mop 4 in 1 Robot for Floor
  • Weight: 7 Pounds
  • Dimension: 13.4*13*3.7 Inches
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium Polymer Batteries
  • Average Customer Review: 3.7 out of 5.0

Top Features Looks at Glance in HOBOT LEGEE-668:

  • Robot - floor washer HOBOT LEGEE-668 is two robots in 1
  • LEGEE not suitable for use on carpets
  • 4-step cleaning of the floor
  • LEGEE Smart Navigation Technology
  • Exclusive patented method of washing the floor FastBrush

Manufacturer Review: 

What's in the Box

  • LEGEE-668 Vacuum Mop-Robot 4 in 1
  • AC Adapter
  • Charging base
  • Remote control
  • Side brush (3 pcs)
  • The HEPA filter (3 pcs)
  • Cleaning cloths (3 pack)
  • Spray Nozzles (4 pcs)

You have never seen a robot quite like it!

HOBOT engineers thoroughly studied the process of washing the floor by professionals and singled out two stages of cleaning:

Step 1: Preliminarily need to collect crumbs and dust – HOBAT vacuum mop 4 in 1 successfully handled by a person with a conventional vacuum cleaner or a robot vacuum cleaner.

Stage 2: Moisten floors with water, wipe off dirt and wipe dry – Best Robot vacuum mop can be done by a person with a mop or special polisher.

Its ingenuity is simple!

HOBOT LEGEE Vacuum-Mop 668 7 pounds 4 in 1 Robot for Floor

We are the first to combine a robot vacuum cleaner and a robot 4 in 1 mopped into one device. We designed cleaning pads to mop the floor by imitating hand movement, increased the frequency of mopping, added a smart navigation system, a HOBOT microdroplet metered spray of water, and reliable caterpillar tracks. That's how a new generation of robots was born.

Robot - floor washer HOBOT LEGEE-668 is two robots in 1. It is a hybrid of a robot vacuum cleaner and a robot mopper with excellent cleaning quality!

Now washing the floors in the house will be a pleasant experience for you!

FastBrush 4-Stage Cleaning

HOBOT's LEGEE 668 4 in 1 Robot with four functions such as vacuuming, wiping, spraying, and mopping. Robot LEGEE 668 is an excellent helper to all housewives.

It applies the wiping technique of manual simulation. Take a look at the blue brush cloth at the bottom. The speed of wiping, which is 600 times per minute, repetitive, back and forth, is unbelievably amazing! We denominate this sort of patented technology the Fast brush 4-stage cleaning. It is also the pioneer of this four-in-one, the synchronous technique in the field.

There are four steps for sweeping and cleaning up:

Step 1:While the side brush is brushing in the hair, the suction mouth in the front is vacuuming simultaneously. It sucks in lightweight dirt and hair.

Step 2:The brush cloth in the front will accomplish the errand of dry brush, rubbing off the resilient stains.

Step 3:Intellectual water spray, reinforcing the function of softening the tough stains.

Step 4:To erase dirty marks with ease.

The floor will become smooth and bright without any thin dust and hair.

HOBOT LEGEE Vacuum-Mop 4 in 1 Robot for Floor

HOBOT Exclusive Patent License     

LEGEE Smart Navigation Technology

The intelligence navigation technology exclusively exploited by LEGEE. HOBOT automatic vacuum carries out the navigation through the three long lasers in the front. It is different from the usual random type, and those image-positioning types that may automatically get lost once the light is off.

HOBOT LEGEE-668 - Non-slipping Features

A sweeping and mopping robot has to tread usually on a wet floor, the anti-skidding mechanism becomes extremely important. In terms of the universal wheel in round shape. Hobot is almost inevitable for a machine to slip once it runs into a wet floor. It might even stop moving if a considerable amount of water is on the floor. As a result, HOBOT best vacuum cleaner decides to adopt tracked wheel for solving the problem. Just like a tank that can walk freely on a wetland.

  • Auto Cleaning Mode:
  • Parallel Cleaning
  • Wall-Follow Cleaning
  • Spot Cleaning

Reviews of Legee 668Automatic Robot for Wet or Dry Floor Cleaning

A Good Helper: The legee 668 is undoubtedly much cleaner in its mopping than drag mop robots. Its extra brushes and mop pad that comes with it is welcome since wear and tear will be high, my guess. If you have a robot vacuum that does pre-clean, then HOBOT vacuum 668 will reach its full potential since it can only suck up very light debris and hair. An algorithm is fair as it will navigate consistent in my room with table and chairs, but you must make sure you place the charger in unobstructed without any chair in front for the next 2m, or it will have issue walking around. The downside is the suction power is low and the plastic material used bumps will be loud for furniture legs or overhead board where is laser cannot detect.

My Wife Household Assistant: After first use, my wife discovered it is fantastic. First of all, my wife chose it, and he would check and verify everything hundred times over when it comes to technology. We are thrilled with the purchase. Now I don’t have to vacuum and mop my floors.
 It is advantages:

  • Washes floors well without leaving any traces.
  • You can turn it on and leave your home. When you get back, your floors are clean, and robot is charging at the base.
  • The huge advantage is wet mopping of the floors. Washing cloths mop at the speed of 600 movements per minute! Amazing! Since my stories are white, keeping them clean is a  challenge.
  • Now I only have to turn my robot on every day.
  • Once it detects objects on its way, it approaches them slowly and carefully.
    Stylish and beautiful.
  • After the cleaning, it moves to its base to charge. We love it a lot. It’s such an essential part of our family.
HOBOT LEGEE Vacuum-Mop 4 in 1 Robot for Floor 668

Customers Reviews: I am a fan of being fit, but twisting and turning along with my mop is not my preferred exercise. If I didn’t have other options, I guess I would be ok with it, but I would instead let my vacuum/mop robot do this task for me.

In my opinion, automatic vacuum cleaner works excellent all around my floor - i love Hobat..

Robot Vacuum Reviews:
Good looking, and it’s essential.
• Suitable for any hard surface.
• Vacuums collect dust with a dry cloth, then sprays water and polishes surface with another cloth. Its such a hassle to do it on my own.
• Wipes all water with no traces, but also can switch to a dry mode of cleaning without any water at all.
• Picks up all the particles on its way, and has a dust container that can easily empty.
• Included are three extra cloths.

While it cleans all my floors, I can go exercise with my husband and kids, or got to work Superb!

Another proof that marching along in a new age of modern technology is a lot more convenient than being stuck in old ways.

Fantastic Automatic Vacuum for Floor Cleaning: This machine is precisely what I've been looking for, and I have tried HOBOT robotic vacuum/mopping machines and have been very disappointed with mopping feature that only pushes water over floor. This one has a scrubbing action that cleans my floors spotless! It moves along quickly while thoroughly cleaning my floors. HOBOT automatic vacuum cleaner is made solely for mopping hard surface floors, but if you want the best, this is the machine for you. It does one thing and does one word perfect. I have never been so satisfied. Please do not feel hesitate to purchase HOBART LEGEE 668 4 in 1 automatic vacuum. It’s the best vacuum mop. You won't be disappointed. 

Excellent for My Pet: I love turning the robot vacuum cleaner on to run when I’m sleeping or running errands. Although it can be moved to a specific spot to start, it seems to get stuck more frequently. Moisten the pads before using the mopping function, and be sure to move obstacles such as bar stools and throw rugs so it can do its job. I amazed every time at how much dirt it picks up. We have two cats and two dogs, so daily sweeping is a must. I doubt that any robot cleaning system is perfect, but having the mopping and vacuuming option in one device is about the best it can be.

My Family Reviewed Features on LEGEE 668:

I feel there's scope for improvement in its navigation when using in an apartment type home with lots of 2-4 legged furniture. I expected it to exhibit some navigation smartness after a few uses, but it didn't - it keeps making same mistakes again and again, so it doesn't maintain or build a map in its memory. But still decent enough product given the price, especially the wet mop feature.

MY Robot – My Floor Keeper:

I can’t describe my happiness and thankfulness to my wife for HOBOT LEGEE Vacuum-Mop 4 in 1 Robot for Floor! HOBOT completely changed our life!!! Since we have a small baby crawling around our apartment, I used to spend almost an hour every day cleaning every corner of our two-bedroom apartment. Now when she has HOBOT robot vacuum cleaner, it does a great job of cleaning our apartment when we are out for a walk. I’m utterly obsessed with the results it does the job – we have a super clean and shiny floor now with no effort at all!!! When I’m back from walk with my little one and my husband, we are having fun playing different games together instead of spending time cleaning the floor.

This time together with my family is so precious for me that if I could give a reward for “The best purchase I’ve ever done,” it would be HOBOT!!! My wife thanks me for bringing HOBOT LEGEE-668 Vacuum Mop: 4 in 1 Robot - best robot vacuum for Floor that’s changing our life at the top stage. HOBOT is such a blessing for all our family!!!

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