Kraftex hardwood tape

Kraftex Double Sided Unique Adhesive Carpet Tape

Kraftex Double Sided Carpet Tape:

Kraftex Double-Sided Unique Adhesive Carpet Tape is very well developed, and there's more purpose to use. In addition to using it under any rugs, laminate or even mats, I find other uses for double-sided tape at the same time – last week I used Double-sided Kraftex tape to stick up a wall calendar into cabinet door, and I opened it around a screwdriver to retrieve a plastic part so that dropped into a smaller floor part. Still, it's not too sticky. I had a little difficult to line up a doormat and thought my next operation. It could be peeled up on floor, and the tape was still sticky enough to try again.

Stick Where?

Kraftex tape sticks to - concrete, carpet, marble, tile, vinyl, wood and many more surfaces!

Fantastic for Carpet Installation, Home Improvements and Long-Term Repairs!

Kraftex Laminated Tape is the most reliable, trade grade carpet tape on the market. Keep tripping over that curling rug? Tape it down for good with Kraftex tape. Are we switching to carpet in your home? Use Kraftex tape to install it. Kraftex customers even use Kraftex carpet tape for hundreds of other DIY jobs or craft projects.

Warning: Kraftex Carpet Tape uses a professional, trade strength adhesive which makes it difficult to remove - always test it on a small, area of carpet before applying in bulk.

  • Unique Kraftex Adhesive
  • Fiber-web, Mesh Backing
  • Indoor & Outdoor Use
  • Highly Durable
  • For all Floor Surfaces
  • Anti-Slip Technology
  • Easy Peel Backing
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Review of 2 side’s adhesive carpet tape: 

Adhesive Carpet Tape Saves Life: About your children or elders keep away from injuring themselves – recommend to trip over wrap carpets or loose rugs. Set Kraftex 2 sided 90/30 yard carpet tape for the area - rugs, carpets, mats, pads, runners and stair that keep them firmly stuck on object and prevented away from slips or trips. Kraftex rug gripper’s heavy-duty tape is the best rug gripper for carpet on the market.

Great for all Environment: Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, Kraftex heavy-duty double-sided tape works for all circumstances - even as rug grippers for hardwood floors. Better than unreliable carpet glue, Kraftex rug tape works in high traffic areas like your home. Suggestion for you, avoid bathroom slips by taping down your bath mat because Kraftex carpet gripper tape is resistant to water too.

Perfect for Professionals: Kraftex double-sided heavy-duty carpet tape uses Kraftex on trade grade. If you’re a professional than installing a whole carpet simply sticking down a rug, Kraftex rug gripper tape is the best solution. Its unique fiber web backing combined with Kraftex yellow trade grade glue provides the double-stick tape the most durable bond imaginable - it even works great as a carpet to carpet rug gripper.

Super Strong For Any Surface: Kraftex rug gripper tape is a fantastic one item for wood floors along with laminate, tile, concrete and marble. It double-sided tape that provides the best adhesion while protecting your floors. For an extra clean removal, we recommend using a solvent-based adhesive removal spray so you can even use Kraftex rug tape for hardwood floors.

Kraftex Double Sided Unique Best Adhesive Carpet Tape

Keep Family First: Kraftex strong double-sided tape is durable, long-lasting and will stick and hold anywhere. Care should take if removing Double Sided Unique Adhesive Carpet Tape tape to avoid damage to surfaces, carpets, and rugs, use a solvent-based adhesive spray if necessary. Always test on a smaller area of your carpet before fixing in a prominent placement We are so confident Kraftex carpet tape will hold firm we will money-back guarantee you if double sided carpet tape doesn't. So, click “Add to Cart” now.

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Bestseller No. 1
YYXLIFE Double Sided Carpet Tape for Area Rugs Carpet Adhesive Removable Multi-Purpose Rug Tape Cloth for Hardwood Floors, Outdoor Rugs,2 Inch x 10 Yards, White
  • HEAVY DUTY DOUBLE SIDED TAPE. Double-sided carpet tape uses the tape with the strong adhesive on the market. The rug tape has excellent adhesion to smooth and rough surfaces, and its grip can fix your rugs, carpets and runners.
  • EASY, RESIDUE-FREE REMOVAL. Rug tape is a strong and durable double-sided tape on the market, which is incredibly easy to use. Our carpet tape is bonded to paper, making it easy to peel by hand without damaging the surface below.
  • PROTECT YOUR FAMILY. YYXLIFE carpet tape not only has reinforced glass fiber and higher durability, but also provides the utmost safety to kids and elderly by preventing your carpets from slipping suddenly.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH. Where can you use the carpet tape? The rug tape for tiles, vinyl, concrete, wood, cement and any other outdoor texture and rough surface and carpet surfaces without damaging them.
  • PERFECT SERVICE. We are so confident in the extreme power of our carpet tape, unless you want to remove it. It is multi-purpose for any home use, rather than just rugs. If you are not satisfied with durability of tape, please contact us.
Bestseller No. 2
Carpet Tape Double Sided - 2 In / 120 Ft (40 Yards) Rug Tape Grippers for Hardwood Floors and Area Rugs - Carpet Binding Tape Strong Adhesive and Removable, Heavy Duty Stickers Grip Tape, Residue Free
  • Hot Melt Technology for Extra Sticking Power. Get a rug holder that will finally do its job! Our hot melt double stick carpet tape is highly adhesive compared to acrylic tapes. It offers an outstanding holding power to fix your rugs, runners, carpets, or other stuff you want to keep in its place. Because of increased tensile strength, our two sided carpet tape will be doing its sticky job for 6 months and more.
  • One, Two, Three, and it’s Ready. Get annoyed by the tape all torn and gummed up on your scissors no more. 2 sided carpet tape has never been so easy to cut, handle, apply, or remove. Just cut the required length with a kitchen or knife and stick it to the surface. You can also remove the tape with one move without the need to scrape it off the floor.
  • No More Glue on the Surface. Excellent adhesion doesn’t mean your stuff will all get messy. We offers a double sided tape for carpet that will keep all your mats, rags, and carpets in place while being residue-free. It means that when the time comes to change the tape, you won’t see sticky residues on the surface. In this way, our rug tape works great even on delicate surfaces like vinyl, laminate flooring, and more.
  • Multi-Purpose Use you’ll Love. This floor mat tape is suitable for a wide range of applications. Because it is resistant to water and high temperatures, this carpet tape for area rugs delivers excellent adhesive qualities in any condition. You can use this carpet tape for area rugs on hardwood or as a rug stopper in the bathroom. It is also a great carpet tape for laminate floors and gym mats. Secure unfixed flooring covers with our double sided rug tape.
  • Your Loved Ones are in Safety Now. Protect your toddlers, kids, senior family members from falling on the unstable surface. Our double sided tape for rugs reliably secures the mat to the surface so that it doesn’t move here and there. You and your dearest are now protected from bruises and those awkward situations when you slip and hurt your arm, back, leg, or head. This rug grip tape will ensure all your family members and guests can walk and play around in your place safely.
Bestseller No. 3
Double Sided Carpet Tape - Rug Grippers Tape for Area Rugs and Hardwood Floors Safe - Carpet Binding Tape Removable, Residue Free, Strong Adhesive and Heavy Duty Stickers Tape, 2 Inch / 12 Yards
  • Strong Holding Power . Looking for a rug holder that would finally do its sticking job ? Here it is , Our double stick carpet tape that is highly adhesive and super effective . Use this tape to seal your rugs , runners , carpets , or other stuff that should stay in their place . No need to frequently change the pieces of tape , our tape will preserve its sticky features for around 6 months . Protect yourself or your loved ones with the carpet tape.
  • Zero Glue Residues Left on the Surface. We present two sided carpet tape that would secure your mats, rags, carpets in their place without any clammy residues on the flooring. What it means to you is that when the time to change the tape comes, or you would like to get rid of the carpet completely, there will be no sticky residues left on your laminate, tilling, or vinyl flooring. Your delicate surfaces are well-protected with our double sided tape for carpet.
  • Easy to Use, Easy to Install. It’s never been easier to use 2 sided carpet tape. You’ll forget about tape tearing or gumming up on your scissors. Cut, apply, remove the tape without any hassle. Just use the sharp, scisors or knife, cut the desired length, and apply it to the surface. Remove the tape without any problem avoiding scraping it off the floor.
  • The Tape Serves Multiple Purposes. Use carpet tape for area rugs in a great variety of ways. As this floor mat tape is resistant to water and high temperatures due to the newest technology, you’ll get excellent adhesive properties in any condition and on any surface. Apply this carpet tape for area rugs on hardwood or use it as a rug stopper in the bathroom. Secure your gym mat with our carpet tape for laminate floors and do your workouts without slipping.
  • Take Care of Your Loved Ones. Safeguard your toddlers, kids, or senior family members from slipping on the unstable surface with our double sided rug tape. Because of great adhesion, our rug grip tape will reliably secure the carpet so that it doesn’t move here and there. We’ll make your home the safest place so that neither you nor your family members nor guests could slip and get hurt. No more bruises, no more awkward situations with carpet tape.
SaleBestseller No. 4
Duck Brand 286373 Indoor/Outdoor Carpet Tape, 1.41-Inch x 42 Feet, White
  • Durable carpet tape for permanent carpet installation
  • Excellent adhesion to smooth and rough surfaces
  • Fiberglass reinforced for extra durability
  • For use with a variety of indoor, outdoor carpet materials
  • 1.41-inch x 42-foot roll
SaleBestseller No. 5
Heavy Duty Double Sided Rug Tape [2"x30yd] Rug Gripper for Hardwood Floors, Vinyl, Area Rugs, Tiles, and Concrete, Two Sided Tape Heavy Duty Carpet Tape, Strong Double Sided Carpet Tape Rug Gripper
  • PROTECT YOUR FAMILY - According to the National Electronic Injury Surveilance System, over 40,000 people are injured by unsecured and curled rugs every year. Act now, and secure your rugs with this two sided heavy duty rug grip tape.
  • SIMPLE TO USE - With an easy tear backing, choose this rug gripper for carpet, that you can tear to length without having to find scissors!
  • MULTI SURFACE RUG TAPE FOR AREA RUGS - Our premium adhesive sticks to almost any surface, holding rugs to carpets, hardwood floors, vinyl, tile flooring, concrete, and walls, perfect for fixing car upholstery in place, or even for use outdoors.
  • REMOVES WITHOUT MESS - Residue free, you can easily reposition your rugs with a minimum of fuss, unlike some tapes and carpet stickers on the market that we've tested, it won't leave a mess behind!
  • DESIGNED TO HOLD - Our 2 sided tape carpet gripper for area rugs tape is designed with an extreme strength adhesive that keeps rugs in place. Forget rug corner grippers and rug pads that won't hold the floor while you vacuum, this tape simply works!
Bestseller No. 6
Double Sided Carpet Tape - Rug Tape for Area Rugs on Hardwood, Carpet, Tile (2.5 Inch , 10 Yards)
  • Double sided carpet tape has extra strong adhesion indoor / outdoor for all flooring types: wood, laminate, carpeted, concrete, linoleum, marble, even high traffic kitchen and bathroom bath mat or pad.
  • It's 2.5 inches wide for maximum double-sided coverage. Ideal for slipping safety, woodworking, stairs, and corners.
  • Stream out large two-sided strips without it becoming totally stuck and wrapped around something (Think Lucy).
  • Optimal weight, strength, and pliability, the best nonslip heavy duty double sided carpet tape on the market is easy to handle, apply, stays in place, slip safe, and removable with no residue.
SaleBestseller No. 7
XFasten Double Sided Carpet Tape - Heavy Duty 2” x 30 yds Residue-Free Carpet Tape for Area Rugs Over Carpet, Keep Rug in Place, Rug Tape Hardwood Floor, Anti Slip Double Sided Rug Tape for Carpet
  • KEEP HEAVY RUGS IN PLACE. Secure your heavy carpets in place and maintain an organized appearance in conference halls or meeting rooms using the double sided carpet tape heavy duty. It can pin down up to 20 LBS of area rugs and carpets.
  • RESIDUE-FREE. Use this rug tape on hardwood, laminate, marble, and tile WITHOUT LEAVING ANY RESIDUE. As for the rug and carpet material, this carpet tape works with linen, Tencel, jute, bamboo, and nylon.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE ADHESIVE. This heavy-duty, trusted, double-sided carpet tape for hardwood, carpet-to-carpet, and wall-to-wall carpet applications. It is ideal for area rugs, carpets, gym mats, yoga mats, rubber mats, and floor runners.
  • SAFEGUARD YOUR HOME. Make sure everyone’s safe by installing carpet tape for carpet to carpet to steer clear of accidents and injuries. Avoid curling the edges of rugs with these rug corner grippers to keep away from tripping over and sliding.
  • EASY TO USE AREA RUG TAPE. Installing the rug tape for area rugs on tile is as easy as 1-2-3! Just use a flat-tipped object to release the adhesive liner quickly.
Bestseller No. 8
Double Sided Carpet Tape Heavy Duty,2 inch x 21.9 Yards,Residue Free,Suitable for Hardwood Floors, mats,Wall Hanging,Paste Decoration etc.(Yellow)
  • STRONG PERFORMANCE--Carpet tape ,Strong adhesion, resistance to pulling, not easy to detach, waterproof, temperature resistance, no residue after tearing off, and will not damage the floor surface,thin and invisible
  • DOUBLE SIDED TAPE HEAVY DUTY--Mesh cloth-based double-sided Carpet tape, It has super adhesion to the hardwood floor or ceramic tile surface, the fixed carpet will not be moved
  • WIDE APPLICATION--Carpet adhesive,It is widely used for carpet splicing, carpet fixing, door mat fixing and anti-skid, protecting family members from slipping, and also for fixing sofa mattresses, fixing fabrics, fixing decorations, etc.
  • EASY CONSTRUCTION--The rug tape can be torn by hand, easy to operate,making it easy to peel by hand without damaging the surface below.
  • PROFESSIONAL--We have professional production equipment, precise cutting instruments, and perfect service. We are full of confidence in our carpet tape. If you are unsatisfied, please contact us

Best way to Install – Step by Step Guideline:

We always recommend that you first try Kraftex carpet tape on a small, inconspicuous area of carpet as it is very sticky and challenging to re-arrange your rug once it's stuck.

Bath Mats

Everybody has had a little slip or fall coming out of the bath or shower. Use Kraftex Carpet Tape to keep your bath mat in place for your kids or the elderly. Depending on how wet your mat gets will affect how quickly your tape will lose its stick - never fear though, Kraftex huge 30yd roll means you can frequently replenish it.

Outdoor Mats

Kraftex tape is even suitable for outdoor use - try double sided unique adhesive carpet tape out on your doormat! If the weather where you are is particularly rainy, you may have to replenish the tape every so often.

Dog Beds

The pets love to move there beds and blankets all over the house which can get in the way and trip people up. Look after the family and use Kraftex Carpet Tape to keep your pet's bed and blanket in its favorite spot forever.

I received the carpet tape, and after reading a lot of the reviews I was a little skeptical about If it would damage my carpet or my throw rugs well, it has done neither one. I would highly recommend Kraftex Double Sided Unique Adhesive Carpet Tape to anyone who wants their throw rugs to stay in place, no matter if you have them on tile floors or over your mat. I have used many tapes in my life, and none are Double-Sided Unique Adhesive Carpet Tape good.

So don't hesitate, but if you are worried than try a small spot first, I will be buying Kraftex double sided carpet tape Unique Adhesive Carpet Tape again, but it will be some time as heavy-duty carpet tape is a huge roll. I'm going to take Double Sided Unique Adhesive Carpet Tape over to my sisters, my daughter and my granddaughter houses to use on their traveling rugs, and I know they will be amazed as I am and will be ordering their roll of Kraftex Carpet Tape!!!.

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