IncStores Hobnail Carpet 16 Tiles Pack

IncStores Hobnail Carpet 16 Tiles Pack worked perfectly for my service. Thin, as expected. Easy to cut. Great adhesive. They serve what I was expecting. By going carpet store market, we bought a remnant of indoor and outdoor hobnail and ribbed carpet. It covers the tiny deck so that it would look less like a wood pallet and would also help in cutting down on the amount of dirt, leaves, mud, etc. from being tracked into the house; I found these residential carpet tiles and decided to give them a try. The price was right. So if they turned out to be a disappointment, it wouldn't be a big hit on our wallet. These tiles were a lovely surprise! First of all, let me say that these are not top of the line carpet squares. They were made to take light traffic and be easily clean. They were not made to be 36 ft squares carpet that you would use to carpet your living room. The edges of the squares were actual, and they butted up to the adjacent tile quickly and easily. The Hobnail tiles dry quickly and look good as new. Hobnail and ribbed carpet tiles product far exceeded my expectations, especially for the price I paid.

Product Description: 

  • Manufacturer By:  IncStores
  • Flooring Materials Name: IncStores Hobnail and Ribbed Carpet Tiles Residential Flooring Self Adhering 18"x18" Peel and Stick - Hobnail Ocean Blue
  • Size: 36 square feet (18*18)
  • Package Quantity: 16 in each order
  • Color: Ribbed Gunmetal, Hobnail Ocean Blue (More colors available)
  • Installation Method: Peel and Stick
  • Exclusive Looks: Self-adhering Backing
  • Best way to use at: Both indoor (Residential as floor tiles and other option) and outdoor (Garage)
  • Customer Review Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0
  • Price Range: Under 75

Review of IncStores Hobnail and Ribbed Carpet Tiles Residential Flooring Self Adhering 18"x18" Peel and Stick - Hobnail Ocean Blue

Easy to Install: Excellent product easy to install I put Hobnail and ribbed carpet tiles in my RV adhesive sticks well. I will admit that the pipes are thinner than I expected, but I found them to be perfect for my use. I see on some reviews that it is thin well it is compact but is very comfortable on your feet and is easy to clean, I haven't been able to test durability yet, but it seems very durable. Also I try to buy the only USA made products to compare rest tiles – but it looks suitable for money.

IncStores Hobnail and Ribbed Carpet 16 Tiles Pack

You Get what you Pay For: The residential ribbed carpet tiles a bit of the case of "you get what you pay for." The quality of the product is not good at all and probably deserves less than the three stars I am giving it, but at the price they sold for, it's not fair to expect much more. I have had the Hobnail carpet installed for about three weeks now, and already there is significant pilling to the point that the carpet looks pretty destroyed. There is a moderate amount of traffic on it, but nothing that would justify the appearance of the rug. The big thing is that it does not tolerate any rolling chairs or stools. It will almost immediately fall apart once a rolling seat place on it!

Cut for Special Spaces: The square size Hobnail self-adhering carpet tiles is effortless to work with smooth to cut for unique spaces. We are using at the landing just inside our door. Stays flat not a trip hazard even though there is a lot of foot and dog traffic. Easy to vacuum. Very happy with the purchase.

Review Summary: 

Since I wrote the IncStores Hobnail Carpet 16 Tiles Pack review below - I've learned about my installation procedures. After watching YouTube video, then I install the residential carpet tiles, you're advised to follow the arrows printed on the paper backing. Unfortunately, Hobnail tiles have no indicators on the support. So I assumed ensuring the ribbing went in the same direction was good enough. It's not. Hobnail Ocean Blue appears that the tiles are of different shades if you get them 180 degrees out. So I suggest laying them out first before peeling off the backing and if some appear to be a different shade of the chosen color, turn them around 180 degrees, and you'll probably see them match up. Too late for me and I have no intention of pulling the mismatched tiles up. We're going to live with Ribbed carpet tiles, and I'll stick to my 4-star rating. Good luck.

IncStores Hobnail 16 Tiles

Good Sides:

  • Easy to Install
  • Excellent self-adhering carpet tiles for a high price
  • Outstanding for indoor and outdoor use
  • Ideal made the square shape for residential living room
  • The users love at first sight – it quick stuck and attach like softer
  • These squares to finish off the pass-through storage, under bed storage, and dinette store. No fuss, Peel and Stick and easy to cut. They also look delicious. Age
  • These tiles were effortless to work with and adhered amazingly well it took an unsightly deck floor and transformed it into a very pleasing welcoming entrance


  • Carpet square shifts - If I pull them up and move them, then it will probably exacerbate the problem.
  • Worthless - They are paper thin and more like a piece of material than a piece of carpet. Totally cheap and if I could have pulled back up I would have, but it stuck to the floor.

In summary, to say, IncStores Hobnail Carpet 16 Tiles pack the best bang for the buck. But it’s `a little cheap. Not always exactly square. Tends to pill up a bit. IncStores Tiles Installed under a heavy bag in my basement gym. The area where I usually pivot my foot is wearing thin after a few months. Even still, highly recommended for low budget projects.

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