First Step 630-Square Foot Roll Underlayment

I bought 2 First Step 630-Square Foot Roll Underlayment of this for use under my new engineered hardwood floor over concrete. Roberts First Step is not as good as it's predecessor Roberts Harmony 3 in 1. They have found a way to make it cheaper. Top and bottom layers are thinner and more natural to rip with a slip of a tool. The total thickness is slightly thinner also because the Styrofoam pellets used look smaller and are more compressed if I were to do it again. Roberts 630 square feet roll use a different underlayment because in my opinion this one isn't worth the price. I highly recommend this underpayment for any engineered hardwood. I used this on my floor; it sits exceptionally well and is quiet. My basement doesn't make any noise. You won't get this price anywhere!

Roberts Premium First Step Underlayment Description: 

First Step Premium 3-in-1 Underlayment, 630 square Feat. Roll designed for use under floating like laminate and engineered wood type of flooring. This product meant for use on concrete slabs and more likely on wood subfloors that are on or above the floor. This underlayment creates a pocket of constantly circulating air which inhibits mold growth. It is useful for sound reduction, moisture protection, comfort and even helps level minor sub-floor corrections. The first step is ideal for use with radiant heated floors. In a compression test using at 1,320 lbs. Pressure. The Roberts First Step Underlayment retained 96% of its original thickness after seven days. It compared to only 57% by a leading 2-in-1 foam product.

  • Manufacturer By: Roberts
  • Average Customer Reviewed Rated First Step Underlayment at 4.5 stars out of 5.0
  • Best Sellers Rank: 30,394 in Tools & Home Improvement
  • Item model number: 70-102-1
  • Dimension: 15.5 x 15.5 x 39.5 inches
  • Color: Green
  • Thickness: 3 millimeters
  • Coverage: 630 square feet
  • Weight: .16 Ounces
  • Recommend Usage: Residential & Commercial
  • Price Range: Under 175

Top Features in First Step Roll Underlayment: The ROBERTS First Step Premium Roll 3-in-1 Underlayment, that cover 630 sq. Ft. roll - designed for use under floating. It is useful for sound reduction, moisture protection, comfort and even helps level minor sub-floor corrections.

  • For use with all laminate and engineered hardwood floating floors
  • Cushioning Styrofoam beads between the plastic top and bottom layers for air circulation
  • Corrects minor subfloor imperfections and reduces ambient noise
  • Gold Guard antimicrobial protection and constant air movement inhibits mold growth and protects floors from moisture vapor
  • Ideal in condos and multi-level dwellings
  • Forty inches * 189 ft., provides 630 sq. ft. of protection
  • Constant air movement inhibits mold growth
  • Seals out moisture to protect flooring
  • The first Step roll Includes adhesive strip and 4 inches. overlap film for linking multiple turns
  • Sound Transmission Loss Test (STC) rating of 67 and Impact Sound Transmission Test (IIC) rating of 68, R-Value .40
Roberts First Step 630-Square Foot Roll Underlayment

Review of Roberts First Step 630-Square Foot Roll Underlayment:         

Easy to Install Foot Roller: Easy to install and as advertised. I am happy with the underlayment. Have installed about half of the wood floor and am very pleased with the underlayment. I would certainly recommend it. Very easy the handle and lays well. Seems to be quite.

Polystyrene balls Scatter Easily: Have space to cut the pad, as measuring it on the fly is tricky. The Styrofoam balls scatter quickly cuts you make. I can sweep and vacuum the debris every day. Seal a bit tears in the very tin green thin plastic topside. By First Step Underlay painters used for padding will do. Protect the pad if you will be walking over it to any extent. Take your shoes off if you are working on this material. I would not recommend you have it rising at the edges. Keep it flat. I stapled it down a bit. It helped me to keep it from sliding. Before you start to lay, understand how the sticky tape edge works.

Once you roll, it's hard to get back the previous form. You can remove any cut pieces and put them. Later you may need it, and they will create a snowstorm of white balls around your work area. I like Roberts 70-102-1, I don't know if it is precisely what I need, but it is reasonably priced. My 12mm clicks Laminate went down smoothly over this pad, but I had continually cleared away plastic balls. The pros know – that is how to effectively prep and move on. Like DIY guys should understand a lament job.

Awesome for Users: Excellent product, I have a friend who installed the same flooring but with different underlayment, and she noticed the difference right away. I used this on my floor; it sits exceptionally well and is quiet. My deck doesn't make any noise.

Recommend Finally: Can't stress enough how happy I am with this product — excellent performance and quality. I would highly recommend using this! I have installed five floating floors, and this is the first time I used this product. Any floating floor I ever do will be with this going forward. The product is fantastic. Very easy to work with it. The overlap adhesive worked perfect for me, and I had minimal mess from the white balls — used household scissors to cut things. Later Installed the cheapest floor I could find (in stores) on top of this. It takes all of the echo/hollow sounds out. Also, it gives nice cushion and warmth. Premium First Stem Underlayment application went nice over a poured over the concrete floor. The finished piece compared to the bare concrete was noticeably warmer.

Good Sides: It feels warm when walking on it before installing the engineered floor. It is easy to cut and fit, with the self-adhesive tape on one edge. It is a little fragile, the green film on top is easy to damage with the corner of a plank for instance. It is about 1/8in thick (3mm), and I use a second layer in a few low spots that I realized I had missed when leveling the sub-floor. It works well and can compress a little to absorb minor height differences (1/16 or so)

Drawbacks: You can hear it when you walk on the floor. You are disappointed with this. I wish I would have gone with the felt type underlayment.

Found First Step 630-Square Foot Roll Underlayment easy to lay, cut, and place flooring. There are a lot of small spume balls between the other layers of plastic, so using scissors to cut seemed to work better than a knife, for cutting — no need to add an extra moisture barrier. Roberts 70-102-1 Underlayment sides are probably 1-2 mm.
After I bought so look out for that. Very pleased with the product.

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