Emma LED Tripod Floor Lamp: Modern Standing Light

My family loves Brightech lamp. So easy to assemble. It took me like 15 minutes installation! Looks perfect for my guest bedroom. Highly recommended and very contemporary looking. Fast shipping. Precisely as in the picture. I was very pleased with Brightech Emma LED Tripod Floor Lamp: Modern Standing Light and how well it was designed and engineered. The parts fit together perfectly, and it was easy to assemble. The lampshade seemed a bit cheesy, but after I put it together it looks great. I like the three support arms on the lamp base to hold the shade. My only wish is would have preferred a bit darker color for the legs, such as a team like tone. The led floor lamp adjustable anywhere, ant corner or center or beside or bed! The metal base tall survey lam is high-quality metal well-engineered -- an essential part of the light. Love my lamp and would recommend it to anyone who wants a great view at an affordable price.

Feature of Brightech Emma LED Mid Century Modern Standing Light for Contemporary Living Rooms:

STYLISH MID CENTURY MODERN WOODEN TRIPOD LAMP: It suits many styles including art deco and upscale rustic with - that birch toned wooden legs and cream white lamp shade. The Tripod LED Emma looks beautiful in nautical style at living rooms. Best to watch at kid’s study or guest room. More than you can Add unique anywhere your apartment part wherever you decide to place Brightech LED lamp in your home or office.

ALEXA COMPATIBLE, BEAUTIFUL WARM LIGHT FOR HOME OR OFFICE: Works with smart outlets that are Alexa, Google Home Assistant, or Apple Home Kit enabled, to turn on/off. It creates a comfortable impression and compliments your interior design by LED shade glow. Tripod Lamp creates a calming effect in a nursery room and gives a warm amber light to your family or living room.

Brightech Emma Contemporary LED Tripod Floor Lamp

UNIQUE IDEA - KIDS ROOM UPRIGHT STAND LAMP WITH DRUM LAMPSHADE: The fusion of modern and traditional styles makes Tripod LED lamp eye-catching pieces. That impress your friends and family. The electrical cord comes about 10 feet long so you will never need an extended length cord. Brighten is, so uniqueness and style for any room in your home or office with Contemporary Living Rooms By Brightech emma led tripod floor lamp gorgeous floor lamp

20,000 HOUR LIFE LED BULB INCLUDED: The Brightech Emma LED Tripod Floor Lamp: Modern Standing Light includes a 9.5 Watt, 800-lumen power saving LED bulb so that you will never have to replace a bulb. It’s 3,000K warm white light is pleasant, and because it's LED it outlasts energy burning halogen or incandescent bulbs. Save money and energy with Emma. Note: Bulb not dilemma.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED WARRANTY: We proudly stand behind all of our products 100%, which is why we offer a full three-year warranty. By any reason you are not satisfied - then please contact Brightech. Better bought from Brightech in new condition.

Review of Brightech Emma LED Tripod Floor Lamp: 

UPGRADE MY LIVING ROOM STATUS: It was easy to put together and immediately upgraded my bedroom! I’ve been so excited to use it and have it on at night. The free bulb that comes with it is also a super cute bonus.

LOVE EVERYTHING OF BRIGHTECH EMMA LED LAMP: Love everything about Brightech Emma LED Tripod Floor Lamp lamp!!! The light color it emits, the shade shape, the shape of the tripod, the modern look, I had looked at several for a while before buying Brightech LED Tripod Floor Lamp one because it was so good looking and the price was so reasonable in comparison!

MODERN STYLE LED LAMP: the Tripod LED likes a fancy looking lamp. Everyone now comments on it when they come into my living room. Two downsides:

1. No slot/method of hiding the wire. Most lamps are built-in with some method where you could hide the fence, but in Brightech Emma LED Floor Lamp one, the wire hangs off in the middle. I ended up using transparent tape and taping it to one of the stands down.

2. The screws that the stand goes in at the top are not all aligned. In other words, there's a small gap between the top assemblies and from where the support leg starts. Brightech Tripod LED is not noticeable unless you're close to the lamp.

STURDY ONE: These lamps turned out great. I bought two, even with bad reviews. Honestly, I don’t see it. They’re great, sturdy and look great in my living room. They were easy to assemble too.

Brightech Emma LED Tripod Floor Lamp Mid Century

CHARMING OUTLOOKS GIVES MOONLIT FEEL: I situated Brightech Emma Floor Lamp one in my bedroom, but I see myself buying another one shortly to put in our living room! It gives my family specially my wife new looks – after switching off standard light at good night time. Brightech LED pleased us and offered a moonlit feeling!

EXCEPTIONAL VALUE: Surprisingly high value, unexpected at Emma LED Lamp price, to be honest. I found the fit and finish to match that of more expensive big brand furniture stores. The whole thing comes flat. You get to assemble it. Easy to build and very nice looking. The store inspired by midcentury, the natural wood color gives it a more neutral appeal — a great lamp at an exceptional value.

GREAT LAMP FOR THE MONEY: You unroll it and Velcro it onto the metal frame rings includes. Assembly did by DIY hand and took me 5 minutes, no instructions needed. Once assembled, the quality is excellent. The only drawback is how the cord hangs freely from the light bulb, down between the legs. The sellers have creatively cropped that out of the photo on the product profile. But it's a translucent grey cord that is not too noticeable. The bulb is a warm white. I am 6 feet tall, and the bulb is hidden by the shade as long as I am more than 3 feet away from the lamp. If I stand right next to it, I can look down into the darkness and see the exposed bulb. Because I have it in the corner of the room, the lamp is effectively concealed by the shade from all angles in the room. I would buy again and highly recommend.

Good Sides and Drawbacks: 

I'm thrilled with Brightech Emma LED purchase. It comes in a deceptive box, but very cleverly engineered, so it goes together smoothly in about 5 minutes. At first I feel it's hard to imagine that it won't look like you just threw it together. Later it's very handsome and looks like a high-quality lamp. The wood is very light in color, like a birch, in case that matters.

Very lightweight and each piece requires assembly, including the lampshade, and all very easy to put together. Overall, cheap construction and not the right choice for daily wear and tear. The cord comes straight down from the top of the tripod, so hiding it requires staples or tape. I did send Mid Century Modern Emma Tripod Floor Lamp item back.

At the ending to say you, I used so many “Love” Brightech Modern Standing Light that comes from my heart. Once more to say, I love Emma Living Room Lamp. I become a fan of Emma LED Tripod Floor Lamp: Modern Standing Light – because its sturdy, best quality made that pleased my wife and me. I like to recommend you to design your home decor and lead a stylish life.

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