DuraGrid Interlocking Deck and Patio Tiles

I love DuraGrid Interlocking tiles! Their quality is outstanding, and they are easy to assemble. However, please be aware of what you are purchasing. DuraGrid offers two types of tiles; Deck Tiles that are hard plastic, and Comfort Tiles that are flexible rubber. DuraGrid Interlocking Deck and Patio Tiles look precisely the same! I ordered 30 pieces of Beige Single Tile parcel and these Tiles before I was aware of the difference, and they did not work for my purpose. I would highly recommend the cross-pattern Comfort Tiles for use as shower flooring.

Looks at Glance Single Tile of 30 Pack 12*12” Interlocking Tiles Features: 

  • A cost-effective solution to unsightly concrete and worn decks
  • Low maintenance- eliminates water problem areas
  • Provides a cosmetically appealing 'cushioned' surface
  • DuraGrid self-draining modular tiles offer a cost-effective solution to ugly concrete and worn floors
  • Easy to install. Tiles snap together.
  • Easy to clean, hose off
  • Easy to clean, hose it off
  • Extreme durability-10 years warranty
  • Made in the USA

Specification of DuraGrid DTBRIK: 

  • DuraGrid outdoor deck and patio flooring designed at withstanding extensive UV exposure. Also, it has high foot traffic. Every piece among 30 tiles, is anti-microbial to fight mold, mildew, and bacteria
  • The perfect accessory to any outdoor area. Front entry, mudroom, patio. Its use around hot tubs and saunas for added comfort and safety
  • Simple setup, no toxic fumes. Tiles "snap" together to create any size, perfect for covering slippery concrete or wood surfaces. No tools or glue required. Resists most common chemicals
  • Non-slip and slip-resistant. DuraGrid is excellent for many applications such as around the pool or to cover unsightly concrete or worn decks
  • Easy to clean, low maintenance flooring. DuraGrid tiles can be sprayed down with a hose without hassle or worry. Its self-draining feature eliminates water problem areas.
DuraGrid 12"12" Interlocking Deck and Patio Tiles

Top Reviews of DuraGrid 12*12’ Interlocking Deck Tiles:

Excellent Interlocking Pack. It requires very little maintenance, can withstand under elements, and looks great on a deck or balcony; DuraGrid 12*12” Tiles much better than any outdoor carpet. It can cut with a hand saw for metal, and the area should be measured precise if placing hardwood floor because the plastic is very rigid.

Perfect Shipping: It came in sheets of 4 already put together. I was putting them down in a 3 X 8 area so in layers of two would have been much better. To get into sheets of two, it was a PITA to take them apart. Due to the movement of the joints when taking them apart, 1 of the pieces didn't fit back together correctly. Being outside under my Barrels & Recycle Buckets, that turns out to be a minimal issue. Make sure you have a hammer or rubber mallet to put this together.

Bare Feet Outdoor Carpet: The Duragrid patio tiles seem to be quite sturdy, and the clips seem durable. We haven't used them, yet RV scenario intended, but guess they will serve the purpose of minimizing rain and mud issues. We want to put a poly for outdooring carpet over the top of these tiles, and this will afford about 1" of protection, and a softer surface for bare feet. These tiles are 5/8" high. The tiles are very rigid plastic, so wear gloves when working with them. But at a much higher price. We would have bought the resilient tiles but found the cost to be too much for our intended application.

As we have used DuraGrid Deck Interlocking Tiles for indoor/outdoor carpet – it back up our canopy for several years. Not a good option, as it holds wet and get mildewy and has to replace about every other year. I saw this item and ordered it. It was easy to lay under the canopy, and furniture sits nicely on it. The rain drains, meaning we can sit outside right after a storm. It was easy to put together as it came in a four-square. It was easy to disconnect the squares to lay in a straight line.

Instructions for Assembly: The tiles at first seem difficult to manage, but a few experiments later resulted in the following. Assemble and disassemble from the BOTTOM SIDE - with the tile faces against the floor/ground. To assemble, line up the clips and TAP WITH A MALLET or hammer to snap the clip and lock the tiles together. Lift on a row of tiles to unsnap the clips. Both processes are fast and easy with these methods. There are no instructions in the box. In our opinion, an oversight on the part of the manufacturer. All in all, we expect that this will provide a satisfactory temp floor with many possible applications, especially in wet situations.

Snap Together: Very easy to snap together, seems durable, and should work well as a Jon boat floor. The only drawback is that I cut it to fit the boat in the shady garage. Once in the hot weather like heavy sunshine, the tiles expanded and buckled, so I had to trim again. Maybe should have expected that but didn't want to work on an aluminum boat in the sun!

Finally To Say: DuraGrid Interlocking Deck and Patio Tiles tiles are rugged, non-slip, water-proof, and look great on a patio or any place that has a good flat surface. You will want a rubber mallet to put them together and make sure all the tiles are facing the same direction. Breaking them apart requires a little force and knowing how to snap them, but once get the hang of it, it went simple to install. We used two different colors to create a checkered cooling effect. We're using them for a covered hot tub patio, and I couldn't be happier. They let water right through, they are not cold, and they are not too uncomfortable on bare feet. I wouldn't want to stand barefoot on them for more than 5-10 minutes, but I didn't get them for that purpose. I don't want to hold on cold wet concrete. I don't have them in direct sunlight so I don't know how they would stand up to sunlight deterioration, but I feel these things are solid enough to last a very long time. I want to repurchase DuraGrid.

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