Dritac Professional Wood Repair Adhesive

Dritac worked, this is sticky stuff. I bought the big bottle to finish the large area that was warped loose from concrete by a leaky icemaker years ago. The customer just wanted the floor side not to be so noisy and floating. I told her that this wouldn't take out the ridges from the warping and she was okay with that. DriTac Professional Wood Repair Adhesive is cheaper than pulling it up and starting new. I originally bought the starter kit and one extra 32 oz bottle to do an area that was 8ft by 2.5ft. I didn't have near enough, so I bought this big bottle to go back and finish. When I drilled through some spots seemed to have almost 3/8 inch gap to concrete below, so the glue just kept flowing in. I staggered my holes about 15-20 inches apart. I wasn't too prepared for the cleaning of syringe which can be done. I used brake cleaner I had in truck to spray out and clean before it set up in the needle so I could use it again next week. Keep the syringe clean. Any particle that gets in it including partially set up glue will clog the tip, keep a pin on hand. I used an 18 gauge brad nail.

Product Description:

  • Manufacture By: Dritac
  • Material: Wood
  • Model No: FBA_RS-8
  • Weight: 9 Pounds
  • Dimension: 11.8 x 3.2 x 7.2 inches
  • Customer Review: 4.3 out of 5.0
  • Price Range: Under 100

Features of Dritac Wood Repair Adhesive:

  • DriTac has developed a repair system to correct the hollow spots and popping conditions for engineered wood flooring installations
  • DriTac has developed a repair system to amend the empty spots and popping requirements for engineered wood flooring installations
  • One US Gallon of DriTac Repair Adhesive RS-8

How to Use - Instruction and Review of Dritac Wood Repair Adhesive

I purchased the little kit first and switched to this gallon quickly once I knew it worked. I used it on my engineered floor, which glued on a concrete surface. Over the years, I had many hollow spots. Some made a creaking noise when I stepped, and some were just annoying because I could feel the air pocket under my feet when I stepped on the spot. It just felt different. If you are reading about Dritac professional adhesive product and this review, you know what I am describing. So here is a summary and some tips:

DriTac Professional Wood Adhesive
  • Most importantly, you should know that Dritac wood adhesive product works, and it works excellent. I am not sure technically how, but it feels like it is a glue that also expands with time to fill the gap. In the end, there is no difference between the spots that I fixed and the original floors that never had a problem.
  • At first, I used the little kit, knowing that it probably would not be enough to experiment. When I saw that it worked, I bought the gallon version. In my experience, one syringe full (50ml or 1.6 oz.) is enough to fill one spot. Most of my domains were more abundant, so I went in multiple of that to figure out how much I needed. In the end, I ended up using this kit + 1 full gallon
  • For every 6" x 6" area I had, I drilled one hole. If my area was double, I drilled two holes (1 on each side of the area I wanted to cover). If it was triple, I drilled three holes to inject the glue, etc.
  • In the instructions for multiple holes, they say to pump from one end until you see the glue come out the other end. In my experience, this never happened. Maybe I under-injected, but I achieved perfect results by sticking to the 6" x 6" area = 1 syringe-full equation
  • Dritac Professional wood adhesive 1 gallon is super thick. As other users described, I coated inside the syringe with a thin layer of Vaseline. Day and Night difference. I would highly recommend doing that. Occasionally reapply as you feel the resistance increase. I recoated about every ten syringe-fulls.
  • The manual describes not putting any weight on it and let the glue settle on its own. It sounded counterintuitive, but I followed the direction and left it alone. Sure enough, it worked well. Thinking back, I guess not putting weight is also essential because this is a self-leveling product. Let gravity do the work on this super-dense glue. I have read others put pressure after the glue, and they reported good results too. I left it alone for 24 hours and achieved A+ results.
  • The stuff is messy. No matter how many videos I watched, how many reviews I read, I could not avoid the mess. Even though I did it two times it was messy both times. Keep wet and dry towels with you all the time as you are working. Gloves help too.

  • Drill all your holes first, then start working with the glue and the syringe. Dritac wood repair adhesive is related to the previous comments. Once you start using the paste, because it is messy, you are not going to want to switch hands, tools, gloves, etc.

DriTac Professional Wood Repair Adhesive is expensive. OK yes, it stings a little, but the fact that it works makes it worth every penny. Good luck

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