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DriCore Waterproof WPC Engineered Flooring Review

Welcome to our sites. You get best home and office tools in our cart. We make a depth analysis on home floor cleaning service for your daily household as well as office service. Waterproof engineered flooring we recommend you. Among best laminating flooring, DriCore Waterproof WPC Engineered Flooring at the top. Its first choice for all users by quality, performance, and service. You can clean up to 800 square feet room surface. DriCore Engineered Flooring has a washer inside that makes you job lighter. Order dricore subfloor now and lead a smart and healthy life.

Dricore Manufacturer Review:

DriCore floor cleaner offer two models for home and office users:

  • Northern Acacia
  • Arctic Oak

DriCore Waterproof WPC Engineered Flooring has designed with the busy homeowner in mind. Among its many features, DriCore Flooring comes in beautiful colors with realistic wood-like embossing. Textured surface brings the wood grain to life. 100% waterproof flooring is low maintenance, easy to dust and mop. Great for use in all areas of your home including, basements, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens. Each plank is 6.6mm thick and 47.64 inches by 6.85 inches in size. Our easy click-lock installation is perfect for the do it yourself. Durable, long-lasting construction, with a rigid core, tough wear layer and backed by a 35-year warranty. It is recommended to use a tapping block, pull bar and spacers for installation. It is also advised to use a 6-mil moisture barrier or sound dampening underlayment with a moisture barrier. Contact DriCore for specifications on proper tools and underlay to apply to be covered under warranty. Coordinated transition and floor molding are also available.

  • 100% Waterproof flooring, can be installed in any room of the house!
  • Click together planks for easy installation
  • Low maintenance, clean with a dust mop or vacuum
  • Sample size approx. 4.76 in x 6.85 in x 6mm; Full planks are 47.64 in x 6.85 in x 6.6mm
  • Textured surface brings the wood grain to life

Product Description:

  • Brand Name: DriCore
  • Size: A. 40.79 Square Feet B. 20.40 Square Feet
  • Color: Northern Acacia
  • Arctic Oak
  • Thickness: 6.6 MM
  • Installation Method: Click
  • Key Specification: Textured Surface brings the wood grain to life
  • Warranty: 35 Years
  • Average Customer Rating Review: 5.0 out of 5.0

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Good Sides:

This flooring is gorgeous and gave us a look we wanted for the kitchen


Price is little expensive



Can I set my washer and dryer on this flooring?


I don’t see why not. It’s waterproof flooring. That’s what it made for.

How many boxes would I need for 800 sq feet?


20 boxes = 815.80 square feet. $154.99 a box comes to $3099.80. Roughly


Is it freeze proof?


The waterproof laminate flooring itself can freeze (in carton: in transit, in storage) and like any other floor tiles, it must installed in a conditioned space. Whereas it might survive better in an unheated cabin than another tile, the warranty would not apply to such an application.

Thanks for reading DriCore Waterproof WPC Engineered Flooring review. It's little pricey. Otherwise the engineered oak flooring works excellent and offer durability. Don’t miss out the waterproof wood nucore flooring, order it now.

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