Dean Flooring Company Hexagon Shaped Carpet Tile

I love this rug!! The colors of Dean Flooring Company Hexagon Shaped Carpet Tile are exceptional for our living room, and it looks so modern! Twelve pieces put by ourselves for our door entry, and we have a dog, so don’t mind if they are dirty just wanted to show all the colors. We get in all grey/beige and one muddy green piece. Our living room has become unique modern feel now that no one I know has. The Hexagon tiles are easy to take apart and clean when food or drink is spilled/grounded. I like buying a few more boxes to interchange the old pipes need to replace.

We decided on Dean Flooring Hexagon Shaped Tiles awesome carpet tiles. Honestly, you can’t beat the quality at lower with this what you pay. We adhered the pipes to our concrete floor that using at double-sided hexagon carpet tile with duct tape, worked great! It's effortless to cut to size as needed. All the tiles laid flush and even. I don’t write enough good things about Dean Flooring Carpet CT-HA45-051615 Tiles if you're contemplating than buy them.

Hexagon Shaped Commercial Carpet Tiles Description: 

Different hexagon-shaped commercial grade carpet tiles. This lot covers 45 square feet. Each lot contains 12 carpet tiles consisting of randomly selected various colors and patterns. Great for affordable do-it-yourself installation. The part separately sold double-sided carpet tape or adhesive glue is recommended for securing your tiles. Hexagon tile developed by high quality, durable, easy to replace. The hexagon floor tile are so creative that create your design lovely after you install. Great for offices ballroom center, schools front, daycare, exercise rooms center, tiles for hall, basements sides, garages center, cowhide rug or even living rooms or bedrooms. Remember, it’s a  commercial carpet that easy to clean with Stain-resistant.

  • Flooring Materials Type: Carpet and Carpet Tiles
  • Flooring Name: Dean Flooring Company Affordable Hexagon Shaped Commercial Carpet Tile - Random Assorted Colors - 45 Square Feet (12 Pieces)
  • Review Title: Dean Flooring Company Hexagon Shaped Carpet Tile
  • Model No: CT-HA45-051615
  • Material Type: Nylon
  • Pack Quantity: 12 Pieces in a single order and you get it under 75 range
  • Weight: 35 Pounds
  • Average Customer Review Rating: 4.9 out of 5.0

D DEAN FLOORING COMPANY, LLC Features of commercial Carpet Tiles CT-HA45-051615 : 

  • Includes 12 affordable hexagon-shaped pieces which cover 45 square feet.
  • Commercial grade.
  • Heavy duty.
  • No Self Adhesive adds
  • It offers offices, schools, daycares, exercise rooms, basements, garages, etc.
  • You can randomly select colors and patterns WILL vary from those pictured.
Dean Flooring Company Hexagon Shaped Commercial Carpet Tile

Review of Affordable Hexagon Shaped Tile - Random Assorted Colors:

Great Colors that Unique:
I ordered ten boxes to do my living room floor. Random Assorted colors come about 70% to 80% tan, gray, and black shades, and a surprising 20% to 30% vibrant color- like electric blue, chartreuse, red, and two shades of purple. I love color! But I might end up filtering most of those out and doing a bright bedroom floor with them, just for the sake of harmony. The tiles themselves feel like good quality commercial carpeting, precisely what I wanted.

Easy to Install: We bought Dean Flooring Hexagon Shaped Tiles to use in our church nursery. It looks great! The carpet tiles were easy to install. We used carpet tape on the corners of the tiles and along the vent cutouts to ensure that the tiles stayed in place. We used a carpet knife to cut the tiles to fit along the walls. We received at least two bright colors in each box. The hardest part was deciding where you want to set layout! The commercial tiles easy to clean = easy to install! It's probably the best thing I have ever purchased. For complementary, you can compare and find lukewarm reviews – that my promise!

Duct Tape Made Commercial Carpet Tiles: Dean Flooring Hexagon Commercial Tiles are substantial and stay comfortably in place with duct tape at the lower part of boarders. They solved a big puzzle for residential kitchen floor; so the pets don't slip on the assorted tile. More than spills and spots can clean up very nicely. It’s a great carpet tile if your needs run in dozens and you are willing to experiment with a bit of color. For your family Fabulous and fun, order the surprise box of different colors and shading.

Dean Flooring Company Hexagon Shaped Commercial Carpet Tile

Cut from Any Sides: They are super fun colors - we have shades of beige/grey/neutral stripes, navy, and green, yellow, turquoise and a couple with just a pop of deep orange. It cut down the echoed feel in the room, and they feel really sturdy and well made.

Best Deal for My Home Decoration: I put Dean Flooring Affordable Hexagon Tiles down without adhesive to cover a worn-out indoor and outdoor carpet. It enclosed porch of my entire house. It makes my job quick, made home colorful, offer us a temporary solution that I can take with me to my next apartment. The industrial carpeting has little low-pile, rubber-backed, and appears to be quite durable. The pieces that I cut in half to create a straight edge on one side. I have done with a box cutter without too much effort and no unraveling. I purchased two boxes to cover this narrow, long space. Be warned that the plates are heavy!

D Dean Flooring Company might change out the assorted colors from time to time. It based on photos that I’ve seen from reviews looking slightly different from our ordered colors. So if you needed extras for swapping out stained pieces in the future, I would advise buying an additional box at one-time order.

Good Quality Made, Pay what you Need: I laid them over tile to make our solarium warmer in the winter. The double-sided needs a few tiles at doorway and rest it cut to fit as tighter. Our kids have been playing around indoor soccer. For few days, no issues with their movement. I like to see how they fair when the summer sun beats down. The worst case, easy now to pull up and store Hexagon Shaped Commercial Tiles are very good of cost. The tiles are not as thick as for some floor. I have experienced, but with the price, I am pleased.

Best Commercial Rug Carpet at Worthy Price: Its lovely, durable tiles. I got three assorted colors and some neutrals. I put rug carpet tiles set at my apartment living room and haven’t taped them down -. They are heavy enough to more stay in peel place, and it is fun to shuffle them around every once in awhile — excellent rug alternative for a small or changing space.

Good Sides:

  • The colors we got – they are great for our living room designing, and it looks so fabulous! The twelve pieces joint by themselves are for our door entry, and we have a dog so don’t mind if they are dirty just wanted to show all the colors.
  • The carpet came quick, and it was just as I expected. Like many other comments, the colors are not as vibrant, but it still gives my den some flare!

Colors may seem title different after receiving the order – but it is not a significant issue, it may differ due to manufacturer update. Otherwise, I have no problems find about the tiles.

In final words to say, I Loved! Dean Flooring Company Hexagon Shaped Carpet Tile each box will be unique, and each piece measures 27 inches across. After going back on trying to decide what to put down on our game room floor and getting bids on flooring installation that were a little more than we wanted to pay. We agreed on D Dean Flooring Hexagon Shaped Carpet Tiles awesome to use at residential apartment. Honest to say, you can’t beat the quality for the low price you pay. We adhered them to our concrete floor using double-sided carpet tape, worked great!

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