Creme Royal Marble Bathroom Flooring Cork

Are you looking for the best flooring cork for a living room or bathroom? Then we present 8mm Creme Royal Marble Bathroom Flooring Cork Tile 54 Sq. Per Carton. Fantastic shape, a thicker size which fit your home floor. Most attractive feature – its save extra electric bills during you need to dry with an electric machine. More than get thermal resistant element and noise free atmosphere. Where to use the cork floor tile? Best to use at office room, living room, kids room, hospital ward, and cabin, etc. 100% cork flooring durability bathroom tile which has three layers water-based solution that brings thermal and insulation mode. For your easy installation, use glue. Walk through the cork carpet and feel like you pass through on-field grass – its nice one for family health service.

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Creme Royal Marble Cork Description:

The package will be shipped with two pieces of a free sample, so you can touch and feel the product without opening the box. This cork tiles can also glue down onto the wall as wall tiles. Forna cork glue down pipes made with 100% natural cork and formaldehyde-free adhesives (CARB II and CE certified), and pre-finished with three layers of water-based polyurethane. Natural cork flooring provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.

  • Manufacturer By: iCork Floor (Forna)
  • Brand Name: 8 mm Creme Royal Marble Cork Bathroom Flooring Cork Tile 54 Sq.ft Per Carton
  • Product Dimension: 24*12*11 Inches
  • Weight: 45 Pounds
  • Average Customer Rating Review: 5.0

Creme Royal Marble Cork 8mm Bathroom Tiles Features:

Installing cork flooring in bathroom: Glue-down, water-based polyurethane prefinished, Width: 12" x Length: 24", Thickness: 8mm (5/16"), Density; 500 Kg/m3 Box coverage: 54 sqft, Pieces per package: 27, Edge type: square edges

Water-resistant Flooring: Made in Portugal, Inherent thermal and acoustic insulation, Reduce noise from moving into another space, Reduce the sound of footsteps by as much as 53% when compared to laminate. Cork absorbs vibrations –whether they are from sound, heat or mechanical sources. It does not allow noise to hang in the air like other solid surface floors. It acts more like carpet. It absorbs the noise before it becomes airborne.

Save Money on Heating and Cooling Bills: Best cork flooring for bathroom that naturally, antimicrobial properties, naturally resistant to insects, mound, mildew due to anti-microbial prosperities, Resilient, low slip surface, Impact resistant, Reduce leg pain, hip, back, shoulder, neck and even migraine pain. Excellent surface for seniors, children or people who have arthritis or joint pain

Helps Allergy Sufferers: asthmatics and COPD patients gain back their indoor air quality, environmentally friendly with excellent indoor air quality properties, Hypo-allergenic, repel dust, hair, and other small particles - a healthy alternative to carpet

Resists Scuffs and Stains: It has no VOC emissions, Non-reflective surface. Warm and comfortable underfoot.

Bathroom cork flooring pros and cons

Good Sides:

  • The square edge which can easy to set on the floor
  • For its rectangular shape, it brings an excellent outlook for your drawing room, office or kids playroom
  • Reduce foot noise up to 53%
  • Save money on heating and cooling bills – that means you can wash with tap water and dry at sunshine at outdoor – which save your extra bills
  • The bathroom flooring cork tiles offer COPD, asthmatics, allergy patient can take fresh air breath without any hazard, looks like carpet but works well than others. Cork nylon keeps your family members save and provide refresh air circulation.


No demerits point yet to find, its highly durable product for all leading healthy family.


Question: Does this work on top tiles? How do you finish the edge?
Answer: We do not recommend it to install the Forna cork tile top of other tiles. Residue built upon the surface of the pipes could interfere with proper bonding of the adhesive, causing it to delaminate over time.

Question: How can you clean it?
Answer: Cork glue down tiles, such as the Ceramic Marble shown here, are site finished with two coats of Loba 2K Supra AT polyurethane after they have installed. This polyurethane is a "hardwood finish" which means you treat it like hardwood — a damp cloth with water = most of the time.

Question: Does it foot comfortably?
Answer: Yes, best for dining and kitchen where you can move with comfort.

Question: Is this made of cork?
Answer: Yes, 100% natural cork made.

In summary to say, for your home floor designing, must order 8mm Creme Royal Marble Cork Bathroom Flooring Cork Tile 54 Sq. Per Carton. It's cover a large floor area and keep your floor thermal and insulation free. Weight is neither heavier, easy to fold and place on the floor. Also for your specific size, you can shape by angle cut, but remember, it once resize, can’t return. For more information, you get customer service. For your low-cost service, give order and design your surface – it’s an excellent one for money!

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