Cop Rose X4 Smart Window Cleaner

I was surprised by this little machine as it’s remarkably effective and does a pretty good job on my windows. Robotic Cop Rose X4 Smart Window Cleaner is so great for the best windows cleaning. It is filthy & has some limitations, but overall I’m very impressed! Not for tiny paned windows & best on more significant, frameless window types - so if you gave this type of pane & are hesitating, I’d recommend you give it a go. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the job it does.

Product Description:

One of the best floor mops comes vacuum cleaner that renown as - robotic Cop Rose X4 Window Cleaning Robot automatic sweeper vacuum shower cleaner that works fine as washer machine that comes as magnetic electric glass washing equipment – like become professional magnet tools. The Manufacturer offers the best vacuum mop From China.


  • Cleaning speed:3 minutes/meter^2.
  • Cleaning mode: 3 kinds
  • Size: 32*26*17cm
  • Voltage: 100-240VAC/ 50Hz/60Hz
  • Detect Window frame: AUTO
  • Anti-falling control: UPS electrical
  • storage device safety rope
  • Adsorption mode: Vacuum absorption
  • Control Mode:Mobile App/Touch-on/Remote control
  • Alternative accessories: Cleaning cloth, extension cable, washer fluid, cleaning rings


  • Remote control*1
  • Cleaning cloth*12
  • Safety rope*1
  • Safety hook*1
  • Instruction book*1
  • Adapter*1
  • Cleaning ring*2
Robotic Cop Rose X4 Window Cleaning professional magnit tools

Bullet Point:
1. Under the drive of microcomputer, it can clean bathroom glass, smooth wall, end table, etc. It will surprise you with excellent cleaning effect.
2. Cleaning cloth can replace, free for 12pcs cleaning cloth, Strong adsorption and super absorbent cleaning cloth can clean oil sand, dirt, and dust, etc.
3. Natural fiber fabrics can repeat used more than 180 times.
4. Microcomputer Control, Comprehensive cleaning, automatically complete, worry-free cleaning.
5. Window Glass Cleaning Robot Change your world brightly.

Features in Robotic Cop Rose X4 Window Cleaning:         

  • Cop Rose window cleaning robot X4 designed for these surfaces: hardwood floors, desks, mop, framed windows of any thickness,vertical glass,un-framed windows of any depth, textured or horizontal glass.framed or frameless glass,frosted,filmed or colored glass, smooth surfaces and more,wood,walls,garderobe,tile,etc.
  • Cop Rose window cleaning robot X4 has different designs with other brands. It’s designed to use in these situations:Apartment windows (safety testing height is 30m), House windows,Office windows,Shop windows, Roof windows
  • Smart move navigation. Simple 3 step operation: Spray, Power on, Start.3 cleaning patterns, Cleaning speed:3 minutes/㎡. One remote control, work automatically. Recognize cleaning path itself, avoid obstacles intelligently. Stop itself after cleaning.
  • Upgraded best Fiber Cleaning cloth determines the effect of cleaning. Vacuum sweeper can use with any cleaning liquid, such as liquid soap,laundry detergent,etc. No need to buy window cleaning liquid,save your money. Washable and replaceable, 12 pieces to change.
  • Product warranty:1 year. Robotic Cop Rose X4 Smart Window Cleaner offers excellent quality. Anything works wrong with Cop Rose window cleaning robot.
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