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Commercial Carpet Tile Random Assorted Colors

These carpet tiles are awesome!! As long as you can handle giving up control of what you receive and are willing to be flexible about your colors then these are for you. I enjoy the mix that I got but my house is not matched perfectly. We have a very random decorating style. Commercial Carpet Tile Random Assorted Colors are very high quality and vacuum up beautifully. I got these because I have four dogs and having wall to wall carpeting was turning into an endless cycle of steam cleaning, so I decided to go with these strategically placed on our laminate floors. I love them. I realized that it would be so easy to carpet your entire place with these and some good carpet tape. I am actually considering this option. I feel that these tiles are a good value and they offer great convenience!! Very happy!!

There was one "outdoor" tile that I couldn't use. So, get as much as you need upfront all in one shipment.

  • Organize the tiles by a pattern first, so you can intentionally lay them down in a varying pattern and not have splotches of similar designs.
  • Did a 50% offset (see pics) and it looks fantastic.
  • These are easy to cut with a utility knife. Cut from the rubber back.

Product Description:

  • Product Name: Commercial Carpet Tiles Random Assorted Colors
  • Manufacturer Product Name: Commercial Carpet Tile - Random Assorted Colors - 60 Square Feet
  • Model No: CT-082211
  • Dimension: 25*25*5 inches
  • Size: Tile
  • Color: Multi/Random
  • Material: Other
  • Average Customer Review Rating: 4.3 out of 5
Dean Flooring Carpet

Manufacturer Provide Features:

The tiles carpet is a lot of 60 square feet of commercial carpet tile in randomly selected assorted colors. These tiles are easy to install and are great for do-it-yourself projects. Best carpet flooring solution works by glue. It is recommended for installation to prevent slippage. Tiles are easy to pull up and replace. Carpet tile, like carpet, provides a warmer or more insulated floor than a hard surface. Carpet tile is acoustically superior due to its dense face construction and four layer condensed backing system. The condensed backing on carpet tile is superior to all other carpet backing systems. It is closed cell so no moisture, bacteria, or spills penetrate it. It is totally bonded to the back of the carpet so it will not delaminate. This backing system prevents the edges or seams from raveling. Unlike rolled goods, carpet tiles are easily shipped, stored, and moved around within a facility. Its portability is one of its strong features. Carpet tiles can easily be installed by non-expert installers. 

In an occupied interior the furniture does not have to be moved out. Heavy furniture such as workstations, files, pianos and pool tables, can be jacked up or slid as the carpet tiles are being installed. Tiles can be easily replaced when they become soiled or worn. You can also rotate worn or soiled tiles to a less obvious spot within the room to extend the life of your carpet tiles. Although the entire carpet industry recommends chair pads under the rolled chair casters, carpet tile performs the best without them and can be replaced after excessive use. Dean Floor Carpet tiles allow for creativity. You can many ways to clean flooring by the random colors carpet tiles..  They can be quarter turned to create a pattern. You can also make a border with a different pattern. You can rearrange the tiles to give a new feel to the room. The face yarn and backing can be ground up and recycled. 

  • Lot includes 60 square feet (15 Pieces)
  • Great for offices, schools, daycare centers, exercise rooms, basements, garages, etc.
  • Commercial Grade
  • Randomly selected colors and patterns WILL vary from those pictured
  • Affordable!

Review of 21st Century Best Carpet Tile - Your Favorite Commercial Tiles:

I purchased the top carpet tiles to replace well-worn basement carpet in the house I bought two years ago. Part of my decision in making this purchase was the ease of recovery in the event we had flooding in the basement. I installed the tiles over a weekend with my brother in law. We used a box cutter to cut borders and did not use any glue or adhesive upon laying the tiles. They stay in place for the most part and withstand regular traffic and kids play, however I have found that some exercise routines (think Insanity, P90X, etc.) will disturb the tiles. The low pile carpet is very easy to clean.

Colors - From other reviewers, they have mentioned the colors and the need to be open to some wild patterns. I get compliments on how unique they built with multi colors that looks and we were able to make a few patterns out of the tiles we received. I ordered multiple lots so that helped with color selection, though each lot is random for sure.

The flood - Unfortunately our sump pump gave out and the entire basement was under about 6 inches of water for several hours. Once we cleared the water out I started with a shop vac and pulled the individual tiles to dry them, but it was tedious. Next I rented a steam cleaner and had much better luck. The water was easily extracted from the tiles, and the lack of padding made for very easy DIY clean up compared to a traditional carpet installation. A dehumidifier and an air mover helped bring everything back to normal. The picture I attached is post-flood! I am very satisfied with the performance of Dean Floor Carpet Tiles and would not hesitate to recommend it due to the value and durability.

Good Sides and Drawbacks:

  • Covers 60 square feet
  • Total Commercial grade.
  • Enjoy Multiple color features
  • Heavy-duty Made and Durable
  • Easy to pull up and replace.

You will see that we went with an offset installation. I think it turned out great. You will also see that there are some triplets of the same tiles.

I’ve never written a bad review. I bought the Carpet squares for my Daycare thinking the colorful pattern would be fun! All I got was greys and browns, and the carpet is fragile.

In summary to say, Commercial Carpet Tile Random Assorted Colors is best carpet tiles for modern century users. I ordered several boxes a couple of years ago. I finally got around to using them to replace old carpet in our home office, they are great. Easy to install and they lay down really nice. I was concerned about the appearance, but the random pattern looks nice.

I plan to do my basement next and will be buying more.

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