Chameleon 4″x10″ Thick Floor Vent Tile Hardwood

In the hands of a kind tile person, Chameleon 4"x10" Thick Floor Vent Tile Hardwood raises an ordinary design on tile floor with a whole new level of refinement. I had never heard Chameleon register before, and in light of the cost, I was very skeptical when our tile person recommended it. The final result is, in a word, unbelievable: it lies utterly flush to the rest of the floor, so NO TRIPPING! The register itself is sturdy and designed and constructed to be structured so that you can walk on it without a second thought. It is an elegant and convenient alternative to the cheap and flimsy registers one usually sees. I am SO glad we used this in our new construction!

Product Description:

Chameleon Tile & Stone Registers used with ceramic tile, porcelain tile, slate, granite, marble, travertine, concrete, cork, hardwood and bamboo floors. Registers for either 3/8-inch or 1/2-inch material are available. Specify which thickness when ordering. Made of sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum, Chameleon Tile & Stone Registers come in two parts: a cradle and a frame.

  1. The installer cuts tile and stone materials with a ceramic tile wet saw.
  2. For wood materials, the driver uses a power saw to reduce pieces.
  3. Pieces then glued into the register’s channels with clear silicone caulk.
  4. The frame is installed directly on the subfloor, surrounded by tile or stone flooring. The cradle is removable. Dampers are an option, custom-ordered to fit all standard tile & stone register sizes.
  • Manufacture By: Chameleon
  • Registers, Grilles and Vents Name: Chameleon Thick Floor Vent Registers
  • Title Name: Chameleon 4"x10" 3/8" Thick Floor Vent Registers Matching Floor Tile Hardwood Laminate
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Model No: C4-10-C
  • Weight: 1.2 Pounds
  • Dimension: 11.9 x 5.9 x 0.8 inches
  • Average Customer Review Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0
  • Price Range: Below 150

Features Looks at Glance:

  • Easy to Install with Tile, Natural Stone, Marble, Granite, Slate, Concrete, Cork, Hardwood, Bamboo.
  • Will match your floor perfectly because it is your floor.
  • Very durable and will not break. Strong aluminum body.
  • Practical & Attractive
  • Versatile

Review of Chameleon Thick Floor Vent Registers:

Love it! So glad we bought this! Don't need to worry about stubbing your toe on a high vent in a lousy spot- ours is in our kitchen - we installed new flooring, and this is perfect! Remember to use a good glue like Gorilla Glue (we used this) to glue in pieces. Chameleon is a great option to create a clean, smooth, no trip, custom look for tile floors with HVAC vents. Original versions had an adjustable louver for airflow, last 2 I bought have no air control, but price did not go down, and I miss the ability to control airflow...These are fantastic.

Chameleon Floor Vent Registers

If you want to vent covers your floor in 1st class style, you won't go wrong with this. Once tiled the register disappears into the story. The small center tiles are a little hard to cut due to the 1/4" width, but it can be done with an inexpensive wet clay saw. I did! We love the fact that the floor is entirely flat and you can step on the register and not feel it at all. I am remodeling a master bathroom for a customer. Instead of using the white drop in logs, my counterpart told me about these. I knew they made the floor vent covers for hardwood floors, but never knew they made them for tile floors — very stunning look. I will post pics when job is complete. Would buy again.

Good Sides: I had a floor registers in the middle of my floor. When I was tiling it, I used this instead of the cheap metal registers. Looks awesome. Well worth the money.

Drawbacks: With the tile, we had it was impossible to cut pieces small enough without them breaking. Chameleon air vent covers have designed with slightly fewer slats and more significant parts of the tile

I have used Chameleon 4"x 10" Thick Floor Vent Tile Hardwood with both stone and wood. They work as advertise and provide the necessary functionality creating a bump on the floor or attracting unwanted attention, leaving the beauty of the floor undisturbed. Yes, not cheap but in the big schema of a basement or bathroom renovation, they do not cost so much after all. The quality of register covers is at the top.

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