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OLD WOOD UV-BSPP-TG-5.25 Fire-Reclaimed

Welcome to our page, here you get home and kitchen improvement best tools and idea. We present different types of flooring combination products. If you are looking toward solid wood flooring for laminate – than bring OLD WOOD UV-BSPP-TG-5.25 Fire-Reclaimed UV-Cured Rocky Mountain Ponderosa Pine Solid Wood Flooring. Why you use this among the brands? […]

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Prefinished Horizontal Natural Bamboo Carpet

Prefinished Horizontal Natural Bamboo Carpet offer 5.8”x 78″ length, bamboo carpet reducer. It is an overlap molding. By the prefinished molding can be nailed or glued with its coordinating style of floor. You can set the Carpet to get transitioning to the carpet, masonry (fireplaces), sliding doors and other exterior door jambs. Thresholds (sometimes called […]

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Bamboo Roll-Up Chair Mat By Anij Mountain

For your office floor decoration, we recommend using ABamboo Roll-Up Chair Mat By Anij Mountain Co. Deluxe Roll-Up Bamboo Chairmats. It manufactured by Anji Mountains with their promising feature which attract the office management to keep and set on floor. The Chairmats support hardwood and area rugs carpet where it fixed, easy to set. The […]

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