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StoneTech All-Purpose Daily Cleaner

We recently installed a natural slate in our laundry, pantry natural cleaner. It’s been tough to clean and look so dull. About StoneTech All Purpose Daily Cleaner. We loved how it looks after being freshly mopped, so we decided to look for a sealer. StoneTech tile and stone cleaner stuff is impressive! It gives off […]

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StoneTech High Gloss Stone Floor Sealer

StoneTech High Gloss Stone Floor Sealer – the best buddy that briags beautyon natural stone. The stone sealer is great for grout tile which an innovative, water-based, low-odor high-gloss finishing sealer. So that provides subtle shine on ground floor and  delivers long-lasting protection against oil- and water-based stains.StoneTech High Gloss Stone Features and BenefitsTwo-in-one formula […]

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Miracle 511 Seal and Enhancer 1 Quart

Miracle 511 Seal and Enhancer 1 Qtr stone was very porous and light in color. By using Miracle Sealer and Enhancer, it seems quite light. Also, since the stone set outside, you wanted to protect it. There were also very pastel natural streaks which wanted to show more.The Miracle stone dealer recommended by Dupont, but […]

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