Better Home Regal Collection Natural Stone

My wife and I last year passing by a market, where she went a stone floor market. From previous days, we thought about our vinyl floor case replacement, in that case, we went the shop and looked out several vinyl stones. At once moment, our eyes fade on Better Home Regal Collection Natural Stone which has self-adhesive feature. Peels and stick form of vinyl which gives us most enjoy in DIY flooring. The price matches our budget; for a moment, we order three packs once and get ready to taste our floor. By sever color feature, we pick Rustic Copper Slate for dinning. Later we order more five packs – it’s better than our last one. My wife and I get together, peel and stick the regal collection natural stones pack. The color matches our wall and furniture design as well as our home rest décor, and the size is perfect that use for quick floor peeling. The self-stick more we use later on marble and tiles in our shop outlet – it brings a great outlook at our shop. The durability we can say, its marvelous and works fine. It installs a year of our journey. We love better home commercial grade vinyl tile.

Product Description: Color: Rustic Copper Slate

Set of 10 18 in. X 18 inches Size, self-stick tiles with Natural Visuals using classic marbles & stones, delivers the appealing look of real stone in a premium performing light commercial grade vinyl tile!

Available Colors: 1. Rustic Copper Slate 2. Light Gray Slate 3. Verde Marble

  • Manufacture By: Better Home
  • Vinyl Flooring Name: Better Home Regal Collection Natural Stone
  • Title Name: Regal Collection Pack of 10 (18” x 18”) Self Adhesive Natural Stone 2mm Thick Vinyl Tiles - Rustic Copper Slate
  • Part No: BH1267
  • Dimension: 18*18*0.1 Inches
  • Recommend Color: Rustic Copper Slate
  • Accumulate Price: Range 45-50
  • Installation Method: self-adhesive, peel and stick
  • Best Seller Rank: #2,807,997 in Tools & Home Improvement
Regal Collection Natural Stone

Top Features of Self Adhesive Natural Stone Regal Collection:

  • Beautify your home with this elegant set of 10 Stick and Peel 18" x 18" vinyl floor tiles!
  • Size: 2.0mm 18"x18" tiles - .01mm wear-layer
  • Packed ten tiles per case which has  22.5 square feet coverage
  • Realistic visual designs. Detailed printed design highlights the look of real stone.
  • Simple peel & stick installation with a no-wax vinyl finish.

Review of Regal Collection Pack of 10: 

Better Home brings world-class vinyl flooring for your comfort DIY project. It looks so marvelous that by one to end, and it makes a delightful design. By ordering a pack, you get ten inboxes at once, like to cover a column of floor area. For my case, I order eight packages for my dining – amazing is its make my peel and stick job easier. Above 1000 square feet apartment, you can use the several color features of self-adhesive better home regal collection pack and enjoy your lifestyle. So I recommend to you, order Better Home Regal Collection Natural Stone now and brings good luck self.

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